10 Little Things That Can Brighten My Day (#1).

Life changing experiences, special occasions and travelling between countries and continents are life’s highlights: that goes without saying. What about the days in between those moments? Simple things can make us happy too, however underrated. I think it’s important to express what brings a smile to our faces this way people can get to know us better without disclosing too much personal information; plus it’s uplifting to refer to such posts when feeling a tad blue.

Iced Caramel Lattes|Honestly I’m more of a tea lover than coffee addict, but I’m partial to the occasional sweet iced Caramel latte. Infact any mild, chilled coffee is enjoyable particularly when a cafรฉ offers window seats entirely facing in the opposite direction from other customers: it’s more comforting that way especially if the coffee shop has a calm ambiance with dimmed, warm toned lighting features. During the cooler seasons I may halt my usual selection of an iced beverage for a Matcha Latte.

Dried flowers|As a child I remember dry pressing flowers from my parent’s garden with a kit they had brought me or weighted down by several thick, heavy Agriculture books. My attempts were amateur like; I just liked preserving the beauty of the delicate petals. Thesedays, specifically in Korea, dried flowers are a very popular choice for home decor or as lasting gifts. Some dried bouquets of roses and tiny white flowers grace our apartment (and are often nibbled by our kitten): they add colour and detail in juxtaposition to the plain high magnolia walls and ceiling.

Redecorating|This isn’t something that happens regularly but introducing new trinkets and homeware accessories has always put my in a good mood. Considering I’m someone who doesn’t cope well with sudden change, I actually quite enjoy rearranging furniture. Quick confession: I like building flat-packed furniture. It’s not frustrating for me, rather an hour plus of fun even when completing it alone.

Tortilla chips|I think my ‘obession’ with nachos has lasted for numerous years; I even prefer them to potato crisps. I’m pondering about them now…mmm…nacho cheese tortillas with sour cream and chive dip…yum…

UK Supermarket Salad Bars|Basically everything cous cous based or covered in mayonnaise is the way forward: which probably defeats the purpose of healthy lunch choices.

Periscope|The Internet isn’t always doom and gloom. Interacting with pleasant strangers aren’t hard to come by on this increasingly favourable live streaming app. I don’t have the confidence to host a broadcast myself, though for the last year and a half I have tuned into broadcasts to pass some time prior to settling down for a night.

Instagram|From time to time Instagram and social media as a whole can be a hindrance for maintaining positive thoughts but it’s also source of joy when presented with animal, food and travel photography.

Free skincare & makeup samples|Seemingly this could be rather pathetic, yet I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel like they have hit the jackpot when being able to obtain a 5ml sachet of face moisturiser.

Sushi|Some sushi variations I’m still adjusting my taste buds to, although overall I love tucking into little vegetable and seafood sushi sets with soy sauce and wasabi. One of my favourite UK, Japanese food franchises is ‘Wasabi’. If you get the chance to stop buy one of their stores I highly recommend their chicken katsu curry. Maybe I’ll finally head out for a meal at ‘Wagamama’s’ when I head off to London this week: but wouldn’t that be strange to eat Asian cuisine outside of Asia just after departing Korea?

Gordon Ramsay’s criticism|Harsh feedback can be disheartening and difficult to accept but when bad food businesses think too highly of the expertise they evidently lack, it’s hilarious to hear Gordon Ramsay’s opinions of ‘butchered’ cuisine.

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