As the anxiety sets in for travelling back to London alone on Thursday night, it was nice to escape the realism over the weekend.


Despite being unemployed it’s been quite some time since I kicked back, relaxed and watched an episode of a TV series. I’m very keen to start watching ‘Stranger Things’, however I can sense that it will be one of those shows that compells you to binge watch as many episodes as possible until the moonlight peers through the window blinds: reminding you that it’s 3am and you have munched through a whole bag of spicy popcorn and half a bag of salted cashew nuts!

Instead I opted for rewatching a select few episodes of two of my favourite childhood shows: ‘My Wife & Kids’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. Aki comfortably accompanied me. There is plenty of good shows to watch thesedays, but there just doesn’t seem to be sitcoms similarly as entertaining to those of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s: let’s hope the Kardashians rebrand themselves as comedy actresses sometime soon.

YouTube has been a little distasteful since Vlogmas ceased. I fully appreciate that daily vloggers, and people who have almost all aspects of their lives projected for anyone to see, need a break for maintaining a positive mental health plus time to plan their content. It’s just disappointing to see the likes of the Paul brothers and Team 10 (such a unique group name) being the ‘highlight’ of several social media platforms for all the wrong reasons. I’m the same age a Logan Paul, and honestly he acts like an ignorant self-centred sixteen year old: at least that the prominent characteristics he presents when the cameras are rolling.

I have been taking advantage of free Kindle ebooks in preparation for my flights; using a service like this enables you to read short stories written by talented lesser known authors, as well as having full access to classic literature without having to touch your purse. So far I have download ‘A Sicilian Romance’ which consists of a minimal 185 pages. If you know of any free Kindle ebooks I would very much appreciate your suggestions if left in the comments section of this post.


Corndogs and other versions of battered hotdogs are a popular snack in Korea, so much so that there is a competitive streak between street food sellers to make the tastiest, unique yet inexpensive 핫도그 (hasdogeu). A station which I pass through regularly have newly introduced their own corndog stall with snacks ranging from a cheaply as 1,000₩ – 1,500₩ (around 0.99p/$1.40). I chose a half mozzarella half spicy sausage battered hotdog: condiments were self-serve.

We hadn’t been food shopping in a while, so we ended up craving bento around Sunday’s midnight. It was deliciously satisfying but not so good to be eating so soon before sleeping. Oh well.

Apart from blogging and a brief exercise session from home, it was nice to actually be able to spend the weekend more alike a resting period for once. Now I’m just dreading these long haul flights and being without my partner and little Aki for two weeks.

2 responses to “Sunday.”

  1. Mmm the food looks amazing… I know the feeling when it comes to travel and anxiety. So as you say, it’s good to escape for a while


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing my family but I wish that could happen without the travelling part. Oh well.


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