10 Little Things That Can Brighten My Day (#2).

Yoghurt Parfait|Currently, without me stating this, it’s evident that Acai bowls are the ‘new’ trend of social media particularly heightened in popularity over the course of Veganuary. As much as I love Acai bowls I prefer to keep things simplistic with a good old yoghurt parfait; usually I will just use some mixed frozen berries, natural plain Yoghurt and some oats or granola. A healthy, filling breakfast really does brighten a day.

Police Academy Film Series|Unless you have somehow never watched television or been secluded under a rock for most of your life, I don’t know how you missed out on any of the Police Academy comedy-action movies. I’m not entirely sure of the extent to which the series was popular during their original release dates in the 80’s to mid 90’s; but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the repeated showings during Summer holidays, or on occasional Saturdays and Sundays when UK television channels like to broadcast family films. Who remembers the beat boxing, sound mimicking cop?

Cream cake |What can I say? How can anyone not have a smile upon their face when able to eat a fluffy, fresh cream cake?

The Big Bang Theory | Literally every main character in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has their own charms; meaning there is never a dull moment per episode. I’m quite a few series behind, so I have plenty to catch up on if a day is very tiring or I’m not feeling great.

Hoodies |Wearing an oversized hooded jumper or sweatshirt is like being tucked up inside a duvet. The only downside to the comfort is being ‘too cosy’, therefore wanting to sleep as early as 4pm. Only issue is I don’t own any anymore, so I pathetically feel deprived.

Brunch | The key to not overeating and feeling bloated is to stagger the usual 3 meals per day, into 4 small meals plus a snack; the extra meal of the day being brunch. Eating regular amounts of well portioned meals has definitely helped me to get out of the habit of excessively munching on snacks or having a large supper before bedtime.

80’s/90’s Music |There just isn’t love ballads, pop music and R&B like that of the 80’s. Revisiting tracks by Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, The Pointer Sisters and Boys II Men can lift anyone’s mood no matter which decade they were born into.

Finding bargains |Stumbling across discounted snacks, homeware or nice clothing and accessories on a usual day out is such a great feeling. Saving money whilst treating yourself?! Fantastic! One of the most memorable deals I managed to get my hands on was a 12 pack of extra large cans of ‘Tizer’ for £3: most likely a pricing error to my advantage.

Rain |Most people living in or from the UK love warm/hot weather as it’s almost a rarity, but I love April showers and windy raining days in Autumn; I find it visually relaxing in addition the the sounds it creates. Who else appreciates rain whilst in bed?

Scented Candles |I tend to stick to Yankee Candles: one of my favourites being ‘Pain Au Raisin’, but there are more and more shuttle floral aroma candles on the market these days which I’m sure I would adore. I find the warm scents of candles disperse better than air fresheners which are full of too many chemicals to breathe clearly.

Question of the day – What is your favourite candle?

9 responses to “10 Little Things That Can Brighten My Day (#2).”

  1. Your blog is great! Followed – mine is http://www.rimpysreads.wordpress.com

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  2. I have a candle burning every night; I love them and my favourite is lemongrass.

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    1. Never seen a lemongrass candle before. Seems uniquely interesting.

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  3. Brunch really brightens my day and it’s usually a good fix for a bad day.

    My favourite candle is the Raspberry Yankee candle. My boyfriend bought it for me for our first Valentine’s Day and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

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    1. If I can remember I will look into buying a tea light/sample sized raspberry one to try it out ☺


  4. I only just recently really started buying and trying different candles personally. For some reason, I never had them around growing up. Vanilla, of pretty much any kind is my favorite candle scent I think. different berry scented ones (especially blueberry). I tend to steer towards candles that have a lighter scent. I don’t like Apple Cinnamon, anything spiced ‘insert scent’ or stronger smells like that probably because I think I am sensitive to smell. It makes my nose itch even and like bothers me. Makes me more angrier than calm. 😛 I need to buy and try out more candles. I also agree that candles are much better than air fresheners.

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    1. I really dislike strongly spiced onces too, can’t understand the hype over them.

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  5. Currently obsessed with Bath and Body Works Spiced Apple Toddy candle. It’s the perfect fall/winter candle! 🙂

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    1. Not sure if I have heard of that one. Maybe I need one for myself 😊

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