London – Part 1.

You may have, or most likely may not have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for a little over two weeks: reason being I was visiting family in London. I intended to upkeep my usual daily writing schedule but honestly I was too busy trying to overcome a few personal issues, bad jetlag as well as enjoy the limited stay I had. Needless to mention my trip back home mainly consisted of scoffing all the foods I missed and binge watching the first series of ‘Stranger Things‘ (- of course I indulged in these once all the serious boring tasks were hurdled).

Due to the jetlag and generally feeling in a haze I can’t recall what I got up to in London in chronological order, however I will be as thorough as I can with details.

Friday 2nd February

As I arrived to my parents home somewhat late into the afternoon, I simply just napped after taking a much anticipated warm shower. I intended to wake up for a little dinner or supper, but dozed off for so long that everyone else had retired to the comfort of their duvets.

Saturday 3rd February

Obviously no one would be pleased to have to stand around preparing a home cooked meal after eighteen plus hours worth of flights, even if it was technically the second day of my visit. So me and my brother hopped on a bus to our local shopping area for some KFC. I know, it seems pathetic. KFC isn’t even one of the hearty meals I longed for nor British, but KFC in South Korea is disappointingly not a scrumptious of that accessible in the UK. Most of all I just wanted to munch on the new ‘Nashville Hot Bites‘ and a ‘Flamin’ Hot Wrap‘ – which may I add is significantly underrated. It’s a pity my stomach wasn’t graced one again with a ‘Zinger Burger‘…

British weekend television always broadcasts a worthwhile film or two. I found myself watching ‘The Proposal‘, staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in full duration for the first time: clearly I’m about nine years late to the much loved romantic-comedy. I wouldn’t regard the movie as a ‘must watch’, although I can confidently rate it 7/10 perhaps a tad biasedly with my admiration for the leading actress.

Sunday 4nd February… or maybe it was Monday 5th

In between sorting through some paperwork and phonecall tasks I took some chances to wonder around the local Morrisons supermarket. Firstly I darted toward the ‘prepare you own salad’ salad bar. Does anyone else love a Morrisons salad!? Truth be told I tend to stray away from the healthiest, leafy vegetables and usually select all the pastas and miniature boiled potatoes drenched in some variation of mayonnaise. If anyone is interested in the vegetarian options that British supermarkets have introduced since ‘Veganuary‘, I highly recommend Morrisons’ Greek Feta wrap with Cucumber and Mint dressing: the ingredients compliment each other perfectly.

After almost diving into the salad bar my main aim was to purchase herbal and fruit teas. Of course alike China and Japan, South Korea specialise in tea culture; although the options in Korean supermarkets are commonly restricted to types of Green and Black Teas. I appreciate the unique infusions and ingredient blends that British tea brands have to offer, particularly those produced by ‘Twinnings’, ‘Clipper’, ‘Taylor’s of Harrogate’ and ‘Tetley’. My upcoming post will be a ‘Tea Haul’, featuring the few I chose to take back with me to Korea.

Tuesday 6th February

I literally don’t have the slightest inkling as to what I did on that day. Whatever happened I’m sure it was just a usual day until my brother returned home from a university lecture, introducing me to the importance of consecutively watching episodes of ‘Stranger Things‘. Let’s just say I have discovered my new favourite TV show.

Wednesday 7th February

In order to spend quality time with my Great-Auntie and Grandad simultaneously, we decided to go for a simple affordable lunch at the café of a Sainsbury’s supermarket. To speak the truth the service was shockingly unprofessional and the Vegetarian Breakfast I opted for was pretty average, but it was the company which made the afternoon memorable. Besides I additionally bagged a few sweet treats and toiletry deals.

Milly, my cat who resides at my parent’s home brought plenty of joy. She is a very quiet cat and as she approaches the age of ten she is becoming a little fragile: most noticeable of all she has become quite chubby! Unfortunately she has never been one to sit still for a good photo at least not during my stay; despite this I thought I’d share a snap of her from a while ago.

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