Tea Haul.

Tea or coffee? – In my case I don’t need to hesitate to answer that question. I love a iced mild coffee, but tea comes first and foremost.

With the complex blends and infusions that tea manufacturers produce it can take some pondering as to which tea to purchase. Which flavour combinations harmonise well? Honestly a fair few times I have selected foul tasting teas, so now I know which ingredients will be much appreciated by my fellow tea addicts.

Here I share with you some of my current and past favourite teas.

Clipper – Snore & Peace

After failing to benefit from the usual nighttime remedies and so called tips, I came across this calming natural concoction without intention. Most teas which aim to make you calm enough to a state of sleepiness usually are based around Chamomile and lemon balm: this tea has those exact two ingredients but what makes it unique to other ‘sleep teas’, is that it contains lavender. The aroma of lavender is mainly recognised for improving sleep quality, though it was the first time I had heard of the plant being ingested via a hot beverage. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that rarely can be aided by non-medical treatments, however I can assure you that drinking this at least one hour before bedtime helped me to drift off sooner than without it. Before I moved out of my parent’s home to live abroad I gave the remaining sachets of this tea to my Grandfather; he now swears by it purchasing multiple boxes at a time. If you want to try this tea beware it has a intense taste that could take some time to adjust to.

Twining’s – Mango & Strawberry

If you are more of a sweet tooth kind of person you should delve into the world of berry and exotic fruit blends. Basic mixed berries or forest fruit teas are all well but when an exotic or citrus fruit is added to the mix you sugar cravings can be demolished without the need to open a packet of Haribo. Among British supermarkets this is one of Twinings’ cheaper teas, and can conveniently be often purchased in a ‘2 for Β£3.00’ deal.

Twining’s – Peach, Cherry Blossom Green Tea

Out of all teas I gravitate toward ones based with green tea. This one in particular I shamefully got too excited about upon discovery: peach being one of my favourite flavours and anticipating my first experience of trying anything cherry blossom flavoured. I think this is my all time favourite tea, but have found it difficult to track down since it’s initial introduction. When visiting London last week and the week prior to then I tried to find it in three different supermarkets; without success. According to ‘Tesco’s’ website they continue to sell it, just perhaps in their larger well stocked stores.

Pukka – Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey

Despite the overpowering ginger kick this tea is a ‘must have’ in you kitchen cupboards. I wouldn’t say it’s a tea to fulfil the purpose of overcoming thirst or wanting something lovely tasting; it’s just perfect for colds and sore throats. There’s not need to worry about buying throat lozenges or mixing the ingredients yourself, you can brew this in no time making it ideal for when you lack energy during recovery or are trying to tackle minor symptoms whilst at work.

Tetley – Boost Blueberry and Raspberry

If you prefer to stay away from extravagant flavour combinations, a Berry mixture could be best for you. Most ideal of all this tea contains vitamin B6 for reducing tiredness and fatigue. Overall the herbal and fruit teas by this brand are suitable for incorporating immune fighting elements into your diet.

21 responses to “Tea Haul.”

  1. tea tea tea for me!!!!! i love Harney And Sons β€œHot Cinnamon Spice”. 😍😍😍😍 it is LIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!!!!! you should try it! also, just an fyi, i adore your blog so so much.

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    1. Oh thank youuuuu, and likewise infact 😳

      Haven’t heard of that tea before. I shall scan the internet for it!

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      1. yes yes do!!!!! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. I SWEARπŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ’™

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    2. I’ve never been a coffee drinker! Tea is my beverage of choice. A wonderful latte in the morning can help me get moving but occasionally I’ll do a nice peppermint tea! Hope you enjoyed all the teas you. Harney and Sons is a wonderful option for tea as mentioned above! The Hot Cinnamon Spice is EVERYTHING!

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  2. I am not much of a tea person but I love the sleepy teas!xx

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  3. I drink far too much tea! I have a coffee but only now and again! I’ve tried the green teas, they are Okay, but don’t hit the spot like a nice cup of twinings breakfast tea!

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  4. I love coffee but am also very much a tea person although I always need persuading to drink tea aha don’t know why because I actually really like it haha! xo


    1. I was the same way at first, once you find a favourite tea you will even find that fizzy drinks won’t always quench your thirst any more x

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  5. Tea please! Coffee is my favorite but bad for my teeth, skin and nerves!

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    1. Do you have a favourite tea?

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      1. Yes! I drink a lot of Green Tea with lemon… this gives me a little zip in the morning while some fresh lemon is great for your system and skin! One of my favorite, more caffeinated, teas is also a peach black tea. I’m not fond of red teas at all.

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  6. I can’t drink coffee because it gives me migraines and makes me irritated and all kinds of nasty so I love drinking leafy water! haha I’m such a boring one though I can’t stand a lot of herbal teas, I just like green tea or oolong, any kind, with no milk or sugar (you ain’t supposed to anyways haha)

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    1. Honestly most of the time I just have green tea or oolong too ☺

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      1. It’s just refreshing. Especially tasting the actual tea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  7. I totally agree! I appreciate a nice cup of coffee, but tea always comes first for me. I always feel a bit calmer once I start my day with a cup of tea. Coffee kind of makes me feel hyper, so I prefer that during the day when I may need a kick.

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  8. As much as coffee helps me wake up or when I am exhausted and can’t take a nap I attempt to survive off coffee, I will also always pick tea first. I love my tea, it’s a lot more relaxing and doesn’t alter my anxiety like coffee does. πŸ™‚ Great post and I agree! Tea for the win ❀

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    1. Glad you liked it. Do you have a favourite tea to recommend?


      1. Currently not really. I have drank tetley or green tea for most of my life and am recently just starting to try different ones. Lol. Sorry. One kind I enjoy but it’s caffeine free is the Celeste fruit teas. I have a variety pack right now have different kind of fruit flavors. I especially like the peach flavor and blueberry flavor. It’s nice to have the caffeine free teas before bed. Very relaxing. xD Ohh…I love the black current tetley tea my oma (grandma in german) would make me as a young teen all the time but I haven’t had it in awhile.

        Do you have any suggestions? I may have drank tea for as long as I can remember, but it was mainly tetley so I feel like a tea noob. Haha

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      2. As you like peach, I highly recommend Twining’s peach, cherry blossom and greentea blend most of all. Not sure if you have tried peppermint tea yet but I started drinking it for stress and headache relief ☺

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      3. I will have to try those, thanks!

        I have tried peppermint tea before and loved it, I just don’t drink it often or all the time. In fact I think I only had it once. I forgot about peppermint tea.

        Thank you for the suggestions will try them for sure. xD

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      4. You are most welcome 😊

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