Let’s be honest.

Trying to make a living from Blogging and self publication is a struggle. Across social media and skimming past various sponsored posts belonging to others is envious; some of us may have found ourselves in a rut questioning ‘why can’t I be successful too?’ For the most part, in my thought processes as least, earning money isn’t the most important aspect: I want people to engage with whichever topic I chose to discuss as it’s helping with my mental health. However, having an income is a hurdle in my life right now and I don’t deserve sympathy, I put myself in this situation when opting to live abroad.

Other than writing I have no special skills or talent to create art in exchange for donations, although would it be to much to ask if you would kindly buy me a coffee or tea over at http://www.paypal.me/EmmaM95 (I’m aware that this link doesn’t work via this post, but it works when put into a search engine). Anyone who donates anything, no matter how small, I will mention you on my blog as well as Twitter as a token of my gratitute.

I feel awful, like I’m begging, but I love to support other writers and creators so maybe I deserve some recognition once in a while, right?

14 thoughts on “Let’s be honest.

  1. If you ever figure out how to do this and get paid let me know if I figure it out I’ll let you know. I’ve asked several different people and have gotten nothing but the runaround so I feel ya. I personally prefer to write about something I’m passionate about, something about myself that is true, about another person a place or a review. Never give up !
    GlamGloGal/ Jo Xena & Snow

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      1. Today I found an affiliate program that promote some free items and others you pay for but it is how to Briand and have more creative marketing on your webpage visit this link and see if you want to be an affiliate: no start up cost you just put your own link on your social media pages or in your blog like I did…
        Return isn’t very high but we’re working on it today’s my first day and I’m pretty impressed already

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  2. A lot of bloggers I know use Ko-Fi instead of paypal. Of course if paypal works for you, keep it!! I just wanted to let you know that Ko-Fi is very popular amongst bloggers. 🙂 I’m not too sure how it works though. Best of luck, Em!!


  3. Brief but great and straight forward. I believe when it comes to helping other bloggers it doesn’t have to be doing a big task for it to be significant. Something as small as liking or sharing their post can go some way.

    P.S. I donated to your paypal account (via DoctorJohn). I hope you’ve had a nice day 🙂


  4. i would love more than anything to make a living off of blogging and writing….how do you even begin??💙


    1. Exactly, and some bloggers take their privileges for granted and act like helping small or new bloggers/writers is beneath them. If I knew someone needed help and had contacts for aiding them to earning a living I would do everything to assist…but some people will be self-centred. Just got to accept that.

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      1. aw. yes i feel this so so much. ahhhhh. i don’t even know how some blogs rise like they do. it’s crazy. it seems like luck, and i’m just unlucky? or my words are terrible? ha. see there’s the spiral.

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