London – Part 2.

Thursday 8th February

I couldn’t go back home to South-east London without taking an afternoon trip to Central London. Within recent years exploring Central London has become mine and my brother’s preferred bonding time together and usually takes place during academic term holidays as opposed to weekends. Although my brother is three years my junior, he is more capable of following directions and using GPS apps than I am; so I can always rely on him to have a reasonably good sense of direction. Honestly, without blowing my own trumpet, I’m not so useless at following street maps any longer… well sometimes I wing it and estimate based on unreliable gut instinct.

Heading for London’s Chinatown is usually on our agenda, but now that I live in Asia I’m more inclined to gravitate towards European and Western foods when back in the UK. Instead we aimed for going to one of our other preferred spots: Covent Garden. We browsed a few independent retailers, peered through the windows of cream cake patisseries and awed over the simplistic yet modern designs of desk accessories in ‘Muji’. Unfortunately I failed to realise that Covent Garden’s ‘Moomin’ store has been refurbished: I learnt this from Facebook just a couple of days after returning to Incheon. Pity.

Handmade Soaps
Entrance to Covent Garden’s indoor shops, restaurants & dining area

Rather than tucking into our usual lunch of ‘ShakeShack’ with ‘Ben’s Cookie’s’ as an additional treat for bringing home, we took 20 minutes walking in circles in the attempt to track down a ‘Nando’s’. Let’s just say the hot sauce butterfly chicken with peri salted chips and spicy rice was worth the frustration.

Friday 9th February

With the day of my departure creeping in moderately abruptly I couldn’t bear to miss the opportunity to meet for coffee with my friend Emma. Hiya, Em! You might be reading this. We met through work, starting the same job role on the same day. It was lovely to catch up through chit chat over warm drinks on a somewhat chilly afternoon, and exploring ‘Primark’s’ pyjama section. Next time we will plan something properly, perhaps striving for a dinner out. I wish you all the best with your knew job, and I’m so proud that you are taking the steps toward doing what makes you happier.

Saturday 10th February

More or less this was just a rainy day mainly spent inside a massive Sainbury’s and M&S I had never been too before. Who loves fresh sushi and sandwiches for Mark’s & Spencer’s!? Come on adults, admit you love ‘Percy Pig’ and ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ sweets? (- The majority of my readers must be lost in unrelatability right now).

Sunday 11th February

Finally I ceased my craving for a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner, with sage and onion sausage stuffing too!

Monday 12th February

Aside from boring packing duties, my last full day in London was spent with another visit from my Grandad and drolling over a Chinese takeaway. Mmmmm… mushroom chow mein with black bean chicken and peppers.

The two flights back to Korea were rather extensive and now I have some form of a lung/breathing issue most likely due to frequently withstanding air pressure changes over the last few weeks. Other than not feeling too bright, I had a lovely time but it’s nice to be back with my love and little Miss Aki.

To end today’s post I’d like the show my gratitude for the buy me a coffee donations .

Thank you to John Aiwone, The Travel Connoisseur and also to my Brother Daniel

3 responses to “London – Part 2.”

  1. Fantastic blogs as always!!! Come back soon XX

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am loving the vlog styled posts! The handmade soaps look so pretty! This makes me so excited for my London trip!xx


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment 😊
      Whilst in London you’ll most likely end up buying lots of sweet treats rather than things to actually keep; so many cookie and cupcake shops and stalls around thesedays πŸ˜•πŸ˜


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