[Review]: Snow’ella – Zoella Beauty.

As I missed spending the Christmas just past with family, I have only just received my Christmas gifts which I didn’t expect to be presented with. Despite residing in the UK when Zoe Sugg (Zoella), one of the most popular beauty and lifestyle YouTubers, released her first and further beauty products in addition to home ware lines I haven’t purchased or tried any of her products until now.

Whether you frequently keep up to date with Zoe’s life and adventures or you have somehow never wondered off on a tangent toward her content whist seeking adorable cat videos on YouTube, you might be interested in trying a least a few of her current or future beauty items. I review products in the hope to aid people’s spending habits, because there aren’t many things worse than feeling regretful after a disappointing addition to your hoard of belongings.

Body Polish – Snow Polish (100 ml – £11 as part of a gift set).

Snow Polish is a body exfoliant designed to effectively remove rough, dry skin and dead skin cells. As the skin on our bodies is a fraction less sensitive than compared to the skin on our faces, the body scrub is a slightly more abrasive than face washes containing micro-particles. As first glance it appears that the scrub is sugar based; perhaps inspired by ‘Lush’ or organic/natural skincare brands? When spread over skin in gentle circular motions the exfoliator isn’t too harsh on skin: at least not when used sparingly. This product definitely has a very distinctive scent of Peony which persists even after rinsing; which I suppose is a positive factor as most perfumed shower/bath products tend to not have a fragrance that lingers for more than a brief period of time. Out of the three ‘Zoella Beauty’ products I have accumulated, I can comfortably say that this one in particular is my favourite. Snow polish does exactly as expected: leaving skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. If a face scrub version could be made I believe it would sell like hotcakes.

Rating: 8/10.

Body Butter – Snow Smooth (100 ml – £11 as part of a gift set).

Forgive me if I’m being an imbecile, I believe ‘Snow Smooth’ is a play on the words ‘so smooth’ and rightfully so. ‘Snow Smooth’ came as one part of the two item ‘Spa’rry Spa’rry Night’ gift set along with ‘Snow Polish’ (mentioned above). Seemingly the exfoliator and body butter compliment each other perfectly, hence why they were packaged coincidentally. After eradicating excess skin and dirt with the use of ‘Snow Polish’ , ‘Snow Smooth’ calms skin by providing hydration and a youthful sheen. It is a rather thick body butter, moreso a body balm due to it’s consistency and rich texture. The only downside to the butter, in my opinion, is the heavy scent. It has the same Peony, Cranberry and Mint fragrance combination but for some reason the butter’s scent is more intense to the point that I prefer to not apply it on the upper half of my body as a it’s over powering to the nose. Alternatively it’s a wonderful way to ‘brighten’ skin’s appearance after shaving your legs and is enriched enough to absorb well into the thick skin on the heels feet.

Rating 7/10.

Hand Cream – Winter Wonder Hand (90ml – £5.50).

Out of all the products in the ‘Snow’ella’ range I had the biggest expectations for this hand cream, mainly due to buyers speaking positively about it on social media. Noticeable of all factors is the size of the tube: a 90ml tube is quite generous in comparison to other favourable hand creams on the market. Not only is the packaging aesthetically pleasing with it’s hues of rose gold details, it’s a nourishing hand treatment that doesn’t overly leave traces of greasy residue. Minus the Cranberry element, Winter Wonder Hand seems to have similar traits to other skincare in the same line. I like how it’s scent is floral but more refreshing than that of ‘Snow Polish’ and ‘Snow Smooth’. There is no need to dispense the cream generously, so the tube’s contents could last a fair while of course depending on how often it is used.

Rating 7/10.

Overall the products along with their packaging and design are of decent quality matching well to their individual prices. As this season is coming to a close, I expect that the ‘Snow’ella’ range won’t be available for much longer; however on the plus side supporting retailers who stock Zoella Beauty have discounts on the remaining batches.

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  1. I really want to try Zoe’s products, she is probably my favorite YouTuber of all time. I can’t seem to find them anywhere here where I live. 😭

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