Life with a Kitten – Update.

Back in November of last year Aki came into our lives after deciding that having a pet would be beneficial for our mental health. If you would like to read how Aki came into our life you can refer back to Life with a Kitten.


Since her introduction we have intensely bonded with her, so much so that she requires our attention for the majority of a day…well, and night. Considering she was somewhat mistreated during the first couple of months of her life, i.e. malnourished in addition to not receiving much positive attention, she quickly surpassed her fear of physical contact. Not only does she love to be petted as most animals do she likes to lay beside us in bed, sit on my shoulder like a parrot to be nosey, and for a while she persisted to be lazy with coming down the stairs independently (-thankfully she outgrew this). Occasionally she will also enjoy being held like a baby: clearly indicating that she thinks she owns us.


She definitely is a cheeky little madam. Her impatience is most noticeable especially when she wants to play fetch, yes, she does retrieve the ball almost every time like a dog (-identity crisis?). She will harshly nibble my ankles and feet: her tactic for ensuring that I throw the soft ball or mouse toy on her command. We are attempting to train her to bite less as clearly she isn’t always doing so in a play fighting way. So far I have made her sound like a vicious stray cat, although I can assure you that her sweetness outweighs the controlling side of her particularly when greeting us after we have had to go out of home or in the mornings. She is very playful which is a great quality to have as an indoor cat. She has plenty of energy meaning she can sleep comfortably at reasonable intervals, up to four hours at a time.


Fortunately she is very healthy; her blood test proving that her vaccinations have built up a strong enough immune system and the skin issue she had with one of her eyes seemingly has healed perfectly. Our only concern for her in terms of health is her growth. Considering she is approaching six months of age her weight and body size in general is a little delayed. She eats very well, mainly preferring dry food but only manages to consume one of the two cans of wet food per day. The vet also determined that she eats suitably as her stomach is always full upon vet visits, nevertheless she might just end up being a small adult cat which is absolutely fine as long as she is healthy.

Favourite things

She has an obsession with toilet roll, of which I’m sure you can understand the difficulty of using shredded toilet tissue; at least the cardboard tube doubles as a cheap toy. Basically anything light in weight she will steal for herself: dish washing sponges, wrappers, scraps of paper, sticky labels, pens and pencils, socks and somehow she once dragged a t-shirt into her bed. Her straw accumulation was quite a surprise when I found a hoard of twenty plus mini drinking straws under the living room rug and a book cabinet. The only item which I wish she wasn’t intrigued by was my earphones, which let’s just say is a single earphone now in landfill.

Every once in a while I will keep you up to date with Aki’s life. In the meantime you can keep up-to-date with her antics via my Instagram.

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