March Wishlist.

Whether you are in touch with travel bloggers, creative writers or read beauty and lifestyle posts on a regular basis, most of us will have stumbled across some form of a Wishlist in one way or another. Generally I predominantly read other people’s wishlists with the singular purpose of being nosey: occasionally doing so will arise the introduction of new products etc.

The reason why I haven’t written a ‘proper’ wishlist (-a least not with such a straightforward title previously to now) is mainly because it’s highly unlikely that I will achieve to obtain all the enlisted items; which could be discouraging from the get go. Nevertheless I will remain hopeful, perhaps I will naturally circum to unwanting these items after all… in other words here is my March ‘Lust List’.

Max Factor – Smooth Miracle Primer.

After using free samples of greasy silicone based primers, I haven’t found it necessary to layer a Primer underneath my foundation or BB cream. Not only does a Primer help other base makeup adhere well to skin, with some improving longevity, primers evidently provide a barrier between skin and makeup; thus preventing skin from absorbing as much of the impurities within cosmetics. I have yet to discover a Primer that works well for me. Ideally I would rather use a simple skin Smoothing Primer which evens out skin texture without additional pigments, although it also needs to be suitable for sensitive skin otherwise the Primer will provide just as much damage as a foundation having direct contact with my skin. Allegedly ‘Max factor Smooth Miracle Primer’ provides everything I’m looking for including being hydrating and non-comedogenic.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment.

This device was produced with inspiration of equipment used within professional dermatology clinics. The slim stick, not much thicker than a pen, uses blue and red lights to treat acne. The blue light focuses on irradiating bacteria associated with causing acne whereas the red light aims to minimise inflammation. It is suggested that the light therapy treatment should be used for two minutes at a time, three or four times per day in order to work to it’s full potential. It should be used on clean, towel dried skin to prevent the spreading of acne. Costing around ยฃ29.99 it’s something I will have to research further into before finalising my decision on whether or not to purchase one. So far I haven’t read any detailed negative nor positive reviews about this product, as it seems the full mask light therapy device which Neutrogena not long ago introduced appears to be more favourable.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.

This book came to my attention on the blog page of ‘Waterstone’s’ website. This is a non-fiction piece based on the brave relationship between a Lale Sokolov: a man who had the duty of tattooing the identification numbers onto the arms of prisoners of war in the Auschwitz concentration camp and Gita: then aged eighteen who was a prisoner to be ‘saved’. The Author recounting the lives of the couple once knew the now late Mr Sokolov as he was aiming to turn his life story into a screenplay; never living to see the publication of Ms Morris’ book which she composed with the permission of the Sokolov family who provided photographs to accompany her words. As with any novel I haven’t surpassed the basics of the synopsis to preserve as many details as possible.

Ruby Chocolate.

If you haven’t heard by now there is a fourth type of chocolate after white, milk and dark named Ruby chocolate. This pink chocolate made from red cocoa beans was first created by a Swiss chocolater. It seems as if the variation is trademarked, so production permission seemingly has only been granted to Nestle other than the original makers themselves. Does it taste entirely unique to any chocolate we have ever tasted before?

ASOS – Stadivarius Check 3/4 Sleeve Tee.

I’m not much of a trend follower especially when fashion is concerned, nonetheless I did notice a recurring theme for Spring 2018 fashion on clothing retailer’s websites: tied-front dresses or tops, checkered prints, stripes and long cross-over dresses with sophisticated patterns or non-vibrant colours. Apart from being a shade of grey which I overly opt for I like this tee due to its ‘boxy’ slightly masculine form and because the back is longer than the front; which is perfect for showing off the embroidery on a fake leather burgundy skirt I already own or the waist of high-waisted denim jeans.

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