10 Little Things That Can Brighten My Day (#3).

‘HICHEW’ ice-cream | If you are familiar with Japanese sweets Hichew chewy sweets/taffy were quite possibly the first Japanese sugary treats you came across. Luckily in Korea, a selected convenience store franchise sell grape flavoured Hichew ice-creams or ice-bars as the name implies. The outside layer of the ice-cream is a vibrant purple grape ice lolly containing a centre layer of white ice-cream (also grape flavoured) which has a unique chewy texture resembling the original sweets. Word of warning: they’re addictive!

Tweet Shares | I rarely use my Twitter account for anything other than promoting my blog and engaging with fellow bloggers, therefore the majority of my tweets include the links to individual blog posts of mine. My day is instantly brighter when someone shares my posts via tweets and retweets; even moreso when the person leaves a lovely comment for me to wake up to. I also obtain happiness from sharing other people’s posts, hence why I have began to be more active with commenting on social media as well as my blog. If I can find the confidence to reach out to a stranger who’s writing I appreciate I will do so and I smile whenever they give a return message of gratitude.

Cherry Blossoms | As these are around only once per year, during the season of Spring, I think it makes the theme somewhat special and refreshing. I came to Korea for the first time last Easter and was fortunate enough to see the Cherry Blossom trees lining the canal flowing near the outdoor section of Lotte World Adventure Theme Park. This time round I hope to go on a ‘Sakura Walk’ – pathways popular for taking relaxed strolls when the Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom. The season also bring Sakura flavoured drinks and snacks: I wonder what Starbucks have to offer this year?

Hand Crafts | Nowadays I don’t have access to my collection of materials and tools, but back in the UK I upheld a card making hobby. I can’t paint or draw yet I still have a creative mind, which is hard to convince people of when you find it difficult to project the creativity physically. Nonetheless I’m not so bad at card marking and other paper crafts. I have a keen eye for detail and harmonising colours with patterns plus having a steady hand is an advantage. In my eye going to a well stocked craft store like ‘Hobbycraftis the equivalent of exploring Disney Land. Not only does card making allow the opportunity for creativity, it’s calming and it’s requirement for long periods of concentration prevent the mind for peaking into darker places.

Face Masks | To be correct face masks are actually a thing that brightens my night, regardless I will include it in this list. To be truthful I’m not entirely sure what is so fantastic about having a clay formula or a cold cotton sheet spread across my face – it’s just heavenly!

ASMR Videos | I have referred to this on several actions; if this list was in ascending order ASMR would be categorised not far behind of first place. It keeps me calm, can help me sleep and fills silent moments aiding my concentration levels for writing consistently. In particular I favour tapping and brushing sounds, whispering, and personal attention role plays. It’s a strange concept to get used to, and it’s not suited to everyone. I constantly cringed upon my initial discovery of ASMR but now it’s become a coping mechanism.

New Pyjama Sets | New clothing overall is pleasing: you have thrown familiarity aside and can feel confident in fresh clothing that depicts your personal style and preferences. With night time being one of the most ‘hygge’ times of a day, a fleecy or crisp pyjama set is perfect for enforcing ultimate relaxation. If I could have a brand new pair of pjs to snuggle into each evening, everyday would be bright.

Hedgehog_Azuki (an Instagram account) | How can a smile not raise upon someone’s face when graced with the pleasure of seeing daily photos of an adorable hedgehog!?

Looking back at old printed photographs | Reminiscing about the past times can be bitter sweet when loved ones pictured are no longer present, yet on days when everything seems grey and bleak photographed moments remind us that times aren’t always bad and more positive moments will arise once again in the near or distant future.

Flowers | Simple or extravagant a small bunch of flowers bring colour and detail to a room you may have to spend a lot of time in. My favourite flowers are Orchids, Carnations and Peonies. The only man to ever buy me flowers was my Grandad, so *hint hint* it would be nice if a certain some could gift me some.

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