Read with Coffee: Random chit-chat #2

Sunday has come around again causing my mind to reflect on this fading week. My quality of sleep has declined further with a new frustrating pattern of repeatedly not being able to fall asleep until 3 or 4am almost on consecutive nights. I know why, I currently have a lot of personal worries right now mainly concerning which path I will take in life. Despite the nervousness and other emotional inflicting issues, I’m gradually overcoming barriers one step at a time. The reason why I’m mentioning all this balderdash is not for sympathy in the slightest, it’s because I had the most vivid unusual dream or shall I say nightmare.

I don’t dream often, at least not lengthy impactful dreams which I can vaguely remember upon waking; but this one is possibly the worst one I have had in several years. Through writing I’m fairly certain that I can’t convey the ‘fear factor’ of the ordeal; regardless this is what I dreamt:

I was back at my parents home in London, and I had witnessed some suspicious looking aeroplanes fighting low toward the ground a buildings. The aircrafts didn’t look abnormal or dramatically disfigured to that of air transport we are familiar with, the major difference being that the planes weren’t moving in directions that they usually do. They were darting in jutted motions whist simultaneously making the occasional low trumpet like tones which blasted through the sky for only seconds at a time. I had the instant fear that these aircrafts should be avoided, even looking at them could be dangerous and result in catastrophic consequences. Whilst mesmerised by the unknown objects in the sky, I asked for the opinion of my parent’s neighbours: one of which had been in the British Army. He confirmed that even the Army or any regiment of special forces don’t operate such aircrafts, not even secretly; with this confirmed the ‘seriousness’ intensified. Somehow it had become public knowledge that everyone was under threat of whatever and wherever these planes had come from, so it was advised that everyone remain in shut down mode: doors locked, lights off and curtains drawn or better yet windows were to be securely boarded with wooden planks. My brother and I could hear that one of the planes had targeted the block of flats beside our home: hovering in a diagonal position with some kind of sound wave or radiation protruding from the nose of the aircraft. It was too late. My brother had held the curtains open for too long causing us to be the next target. The scariest most disturbing thing was the distorted faces of the passengers in the plane, it was as if the plane had been high jacked by extraterrestrial life; in addition to this whatever was being emitted from the UFO was manipulating the emotions of my family members whilst contorting their faces.

The nightmare ended abruptly with me waking up in a sweat, sitting up with my eyes barely open but relieved. Has anyone else had a dream similar to this? I searched some dream interpretation websites although of course a dream so detailed and specific could not be sussed out past the basics. I think part of the reason why I dreamt this was due to seeing videos about ‘sky trumpets’ – a phenomenon of unexplainable low trumpet like noises coming from the sky across the world. It’s definitely an interesting subject which I partly regret researching about considering I have now had a nightmare involving such strange activity.

Luckily I brought a small stack of my books back to South Korea with me from London including Oscar Wilde’s ‘The importance of being Earnest’ and ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ – both of which I have only read the prefaces of so I look forward to finally reading their entire contents, perhaps on nights of struggling to sleep.

Whether or not you like this style of blog post I’m intrigued to read about any peculiar dreams or nightmares any of you have had recently or in the past. As always I look forward to reading and replying to your comments.


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