[Food Review]: Shake Shack.

Today I thought I would finally bring you a fairly overdue food/restaurant review of my beloved Shake Shack. Better late than never, right? The initial hype of Shake Shack may have faded, but evidently the popularity still remains with it’s frequent long lines of drooling customers no matter of the location.

I have dined at two of A Shake Shack’s diners: Covent Garden and Leicester Square, London. I prefer the Shake Shack based in Covent Garden as you are surrounded by a beautiful glass roof, plenty of other shops to explore, usually a violinist on the lower floor of the indoor ‘market’ and the seating area takes on a picnic table/patio style with it’s furnishings. As expected due to the high demand, Shake Shack is busiest during lunch and dinner hours. To ensure you can eat comfortably with the provision of somewhere to sit, I suggest you have an early lunch during their 11am opening hour or over the course of mid-afternoon.

According to their website, Shake Shack claim to only use

“100% all-natural Angus beef. No hormones and no antibiotics ever. Our proprietary Shack blend is freshly ground… Served on a non-GMO Martin’s potato roll”.

All of their meat burgers are cooked medium unless specified otherwise, with ability to request the removal or addition of lettuce, tomato and gherkins/pickles. The menu is decently sized with enough variety. Desserts are less popular but it doesn’t mean that their unique frozen custard options aren’t mouthwatering – however I can’t review these as I have never tasted one.

Here are some of the main burgers, hotdogs and fries in which they have to offer (correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they have added a chicken burger to the menu at least this is the case in the States) :

Menu sourced from the official Shake Shack website

Without a doubt I can instantly recommend the Single ShackBurger: whatever ingredients are contained within the secret Shack sauce I want them pumped into my blood stream. I think the meat patty isn’t cooked thoroughly to my liking, so I should remember to ask them to prepare it as ‘well done’ as apposed to the standard ‘medium’ as mentioned earlier. Either way of how long it is grilled for, I don’t think it’s necessary to head for the Double ShackBurger. Regardless of the burger being relatively small in comparison to the price a single patty is filling enough even for foodies mainly because of the burger’s greasiness.

The Cheese Fries: oh my! They will be on of the most moreish foods you will ever ingest. Most people share a portion between two, but I can confirm that your eyes will be bigger than your belly when you order a tray for yourself. On one occasion a meat lovers prayers were answered when they had bacon cheese fries: also highly addictive!

Single Shack Burger πŸ”

Cheesy Fries, Single Shack Burger & Hotdog with Shack cheese sauce πŸŒ­πŸŸπŸ§€

Top to bottom: Single Hamburger with Applewood smoked bacon, Single Shack burger minus salad, Single Shack burger with salad πŸ…

If you would rather try a beverage off track from their standard drinks list, once a month they introduce an exclusive chilled drink limited to that month only.

Overall I would rate Shake Shack with a well deserved 8/10. In order to reach their full potential with a 10/10 rating I would like to see them cater to Vegetarian and Vegan customers; ideally without the typical inflated costs of special dietary requirement cuisine. The website doesn’t indicate whether or not all of their bread buns are gluten free – however their website does indicate that these are available.


Contact info & social media links:

E-mail: emmamoseley0@googlemail.com



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