Diary #1 – The First Day of Spring ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒป

Friday 16th March – 2pm

Come what may, I will always admire the blissful bitter breezy later seasons of a year with its crinkled fallen auburn leaves and frosty windowpanes. I will miss wearing clothing made of fluffy layed fabrics combined with an aubergine checkered tassel scarf and a khaki knee length tailored coat. In spite of all I can’t help but welcome the dispersed rays of sunshine beaming down on the dewy undergrowth which provides home to daffodil seedlings in addition to countless cherry blossom trees.

The afternoon was premature when I bounded down the streets of Incheon. Everyone seemed cheerful and not just because the long awaited Friday had approached. I noticed passersby were willing dithering around the outside of cafรฉs rather than sheltering in the comfort of warmth from indoors; literally every dog owner was finally relieved to be graced with a pleasant walking environment once again.

I wasn’t heading in the direction of anything special or spectacular: simply the brief walk toward the local supermarket was brighter than it had been for such a prolonged duration. Aside from shopping for some average, basic items I browsed the shop shelves in order to take my time; this time round there was no chilly weather which once prevented exploration nor an urge to rush away.

Random Finds.

If I introduced you to the unique, scrumptious sweet and savoury snacks that South Korea has to offer this blog post would make you salivate with jealousy and temptation; plus most likely too extensive by description. Perhaps I could dedicate an entire post to Korean supermarket and convenience store foods in the foreseeable future. For now I took some random snapshots of cutesy items that I know many of my readers may possibly adore.

Gudetama stationery isn’t has to come by; HomePlus (-a supermarket chain) has a entire section full of items decorated with the animated egg. A few months ago I brought some Gudetama sticky notes and stickers for a friend back home in the UK; since then I have been very tempted to rekindle the sticker collecting hobby my brother and I had as children.

For those who are familiar with the messaging app ‘Line’, I’m sure you have been wanting to get your hands on anything Line character themed; for instance these sheet face masks made in collaboration with a company named ‘On the Body’.

A new season an new limited edition drink at GS25: Cherry Blossom Soda and Cherry Blossom Green Grape Soda. I end this post while munching through a whipped cream and fresh strawberry sandwich (-more alike a cake). I hope this new season brings great opportunities for all of us, plentiful with memories in which we can share.


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