Is this ‘real’ news?

I admit I’m partial to a bit of celebrity gossip, but try to refrain from it unless I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time. Since growing up to realise that a huge percentage of showbiz news isn’t legitimate, I have noticed that with the heightened use of social media it’s becoming ever more difficult to determine which articles to believe: including reports concerning world matters. In order to keep informed of what’s happening across the globe with the absence of a television I have recently been referring to news apps belonging to newspaper publishers.

In some instances, depending on the subject in question, news regarding the famous and the wealthy received more feedback and overall interest than articles based on politics, crime, developments in medicine/science and health. Other than news that is hard to avoid i.e. natural disasters and mass gun crimes, it is becoming more evident that particular people (a large quantity of them) are unable to recall the latest fashion controversy rather than the details of the ongoings in Syria etc.

Without a shadow of a doubt I completely understand and empathise with those who are compelled towards light-hearted news. It’s draining and upsetting to constantly be informed and reminded of issues that have brought catastrophic consequences to individuals whether it be the loss of life or forcefully having to restart life as a refugee.

Despite condoning the right to read pleasant articles which don’t dwell over us with negativity, I strongly believe that we should all consider ‘real news’ i.e. news of what is happening to ordinary people who have financial struggles and are working average jobs or walking endless miles per day to retrieve a source of water. We’re all guilty of ignorance towards what matters most, and for most of us other than contributing money to charities we are rightfully so consumed by our own lives to be able to make a worthwhile impact to change what is wrong with the world and strive for equality.

Not everyone can afford to or sacrifice their time to travelling to regions we’re the land is dry and the people are suffering for malnutrition, diseases, illness and poor or near non-existent access to education and medical services. All I’m pleading is that we all take a few minutes out of our days, each and everyday, to consider those who are less fortunate than us. Purposely make the effort to gravitate toward important news before taking the time to catch up on the extravagant lives of your favourite idols.

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