Daiso Mini Haul.

Daiso is a Japanese budget store providing basic homeware items including kitchen utensils, storage methods and cutlery as well as beauty and skincare items plus everyday essentials. It’s most comparable to pound shops in the UK and dollar stores in the US; only exception being that items generally range from 1,000₩-8,000₩ (0.65p-£5.25/$0.92-$7.40). In 9/10 cases the products are of reasonable quality considering their affordable low costs: therefore being an ideal candidate for anyone on a budget who maybe in need of several home essentials e.g. cleaning products, dining ware, stationery, DIY tools, storage baskets etc.

Usually I go to Daiso for items which are more pricy in supermarkets, however on a few recent occasions I collated a few ‘off the shopping list bits and bobs’.

The Pattern Notebook

I was in need of a compact sized lined notepad, but still wanted something that looked nice to place on my desk. Despite being very tempted to go to one of South Korea’s mesmerising stationery shops, which any hoarder should refrain from entering, I picked up this pastel pink notebook which was also available in black. Until it caught my eye I had no idea that geese could be considered as cute creatures.

Memo pad

I was on the hunt for flashcards to aid the learning of the students I’m privately teaching English to – I failed to obtain these and didn’t have time before my next lesson to go to a decently stocked stationers. As expected the paper isn’t as thick as card, yet thicker than usual memo pads of the same or similar price; it proved to be a handy alternative.


As much as I would like to accumulate a sticker collection again just as I did during my childhood, I brought these strawberry themed stickers for my diary. Similar to the western world trend of bullet journals Koreans love to decorate their diaries by using colourful or cute stickers and labels/page markers to mark events/appointments. I think taking advantage of such a simple thing like stickers makes planning less of a chore, moreso enjoyable.

Banana Sheet Mask

I was intrigued by this cotton face mask due to it’s uncommon scent/serum infusion: not that is a first of it’s kind. I have never tried a sheet mask belonging to shop own-brand before. Regardless of Daiso being a budget store the mask carries the same price as most sheet masks produced by Korean highstreet skincare and beauty brands like Innisfree, the SAEM and Etude House for example. With this in mind I had a fairly good hope that this would be a worthwhile purchase – I was right to think so. The cotton sheet mask itself isn’t too thin yet understandably not of high quality. The Serum which is described as ‘banana juice’ smelt delightful, softening and hydrating skin as anticipated.

Foot Pealing Pack

I have intended to test out this interesting product since discovering it on social media. OliveYoung (similar to Superdrug and Boots) sell foot pealing packs but they aren’t as cheap as the ones sold in Daiso. The pack aims to chemically peal rough, dry foot skin within 3-7 days after initial use. The solution required for this process is contained within plastic socks, similar to the material used for making carrier bags, and an inter layer of cotton webbing. The socks secure to ankles with a sticky label and are large in size: considerate of diversity. They should be worn for 1-1.5 hours to allow the pealing gel to work to it’s full potential; it best to do this at nighttime when you have time to relax and don’t need to walk around. After the allotted time the packaging highlights that you must rinse your feet with lukewarm water. The pealing process hasn’t begun in my case. I hope it actually works!

Cherry Blossom Lip Tint

The brand which supplies the majority of the small makeup range carried by Daiso stores has been rated somewhat highly across YouTube. Their lip tints and eyeshadows are well pigmented and long lasting. This cherry blossom velvet lip tint to my understanding is available in three shades. The one I chose ended up being too vibrant for my liking, but when used sparingly it gives a soft rosy tinge to my lips. It lasts for a fair few hours and it’s quality is fantastic for it’s cost, making it mistakable for more well known brand.


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10 thoughts on “Daiso Mini Haul.

  1. I have the hedgehog pattern notebook and sticky notes! We have a small Daiso that recently just opened in TX! I hope they add more cute beauty stuff soon!


    1. Hopefully they will also do the same there as they do here, which is bring out a new collection of stationery, homeware pieces and beauty items for each season or occasion. Right now the current daiso theme is cherry blossoms for spring (again) 🌸

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I forgot to add I love all of your photos :D! I’ve been pinning them on my Pinterest board under ‘favorite bloggers’ ❤ xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh. Thank youuu ☺️🤗
        Sometimes the quality of my photos are consistent because I don’t have an iphone/up-to-date android phone or professional camera, but sometimes I manage to make them look half decent lol. Maybe I should make a Pinterest account, I heard it’s quite fun (and addictive) x


  2. I love the packaging for the velvet tint! Would love to see how it looks outside of the packaging! A swatch maybe? ❤ I didn't see any makeup items that peaked my interest during Winter at Daiso but it seems that spring and summer offers a better variety!


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