Diary #2 – Dumplings & Dining in Seoul πŸ₯Ÿ

Thursday 23rd March

After managing to begin to give English tutoring sessions to Koreans a few hours per week, I thought I deserved to treat myself by indulging a little as the weekend approached. Simply to state caution was certainly thrown to the wind: barely a vegetable in sight! As much as I would like to promote healthy eating habits, in which I occasionally do, I condone the right to consume what I like to call ‘delicious points’ once in a blue moon.

Honestly I know well that the amount I ate on this Thursday was high in calories and in terms of quantity, but I was satisfied on this rare opportunity to eat out rather than have a usual homemade meal and diet foods which I stick to on a regular basis (- well, with the acception of this week. My bad.).


I slept through breakfast time; which I feel slightly guilty for. Perhaps I was a tad indolent. However I was pleased that I slept well for the first time in weeks after having a productive couple of days prior. By the time I ate lunch it was early afternoon. I required something simple and speedy to prepare before heading out. I chose Mandu – Korean dumplings. A select few brands make some delectable premade frozen Mandu which can be steamed or lightly fried – typical fillings include pork, beef and shrimp mixed with green onions and seasonings. Usually I eat them with a combination of soy sauce and chilli power, but I had some sweet chilli sauce which accompanied the dumplings suitably.

Evening Coffee

After running some errands in Myeongdong and a bookstore located in Gwanghwamun, we stopped off at a coffee house franchise appropriately called ‘Coffee Bean’. Infact I didn’t order a coffee as such, more specifically a special edition latte for Spring: a Cherry Blossom Latte. The presentation of a beverage rarely truly matches that of it’s advertisement photograph, although the taste reached my expectations. The Cherry Blossom taste wasn’t mild nor too sweet. In order to decide whether it’s worth a try in comparison to Cherry Blossom drinks served at other cafΓ©s, I shall try others before recommending this one in particular.


My long awaited desire to be blessed with Dak-galbi once again was at long last fulfilled! It was also lovely to have returned to ‘Yoogane’ – a popular Dak-galbi restaurant in Myeongdong which I went to with my partner the first time I came to Korea. We requested a standard Dak-galbi set of marinated chicken, green onions, cabbage, gochujang, plain rice cake and sweet potato. We added extra sweet potato, some grated cheddar cheese in addition to mozzarella filled rice cake. Once we had eaten the majority of the spicy dish, we asked the waitress to mix in some steamed rice with the remaining ingredients to create a fried rice with kimchi, extra chilli paste and dried shredded seaweed.

Midnight Snacks

We were extremely full so dessert wasn’t necessary, which is a slight shame as Myeongdong has endless amounts of wondrous dessert shops. Instead, after the lengthy journey back home, we convinced ourselves that it would be acceptable to have a few cheap snacks from a convenience store. Aside from crunchy some moreish basil pesto ridged crisps by the brand ‘Nongshim’, I came across Cherry Blossom Swiss roll slices/roll cake for as little as 1,000β‚© (0.80p/$1.20). And yes, if you were wondering, I intend to engulf as many Sakura flavoured foods/drinks as possible over the course of this Springtime.


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