Mini Kbeauty Haul/Review ðŸ¤”

Upon noticing that my relatively small makeup collection lacked pastel or Springtime appropriate shades – mainly due to the mass hoard of burgundy and brick rose coloured lip products – I decided to treat myself to some affordable basic cosmetics which would offer a subtle, more suitable look for the current season.

I’m Meme/아임미미 ”I’m tic toc lipstick” – Coral Tutu/코랄 튀튀 (005)

For those of you who are familiar with “Memebox” (a beauty subscription box) you may have noticed the introduction of the brand’s “I’m Meme” makeup line. Considering that the brand is still fairly new, many Koreans as well as Kbeauty lovers across the globe are increasingly becoming interested in one of their products in particular: “i’m tic toc lipstick”. I discovered this product thanking to the over prominent advertisements for the lipstick on YouTube and Instagram. The balm formula lipstick aims to be applied effortlessly with it’s ‘uniquely’ shaped heart tip; also with the addition of a clicker base which dispenses the product to the surface of the pen-like tube. The advertisement itself suggests that using “i’m tic toc” is a non time consuming task thus being ideal for unexpectedly having to go out from home in order to meet someone/do something. I totally agree that the angled heart shape of the lipstick aids application, although I believe that the satin formulation also plays a huge part in being able to glide the lipstick across the curves of lips without causing a imperfect outline. As with most satin lip products it is a tad drying; but not as uncomfortable as matte lipsticks. In my opinion the longevity is reasonable: lasting approximately 5-6 hours with moderate fading. All factors accounted for, I think what the majority of people most appreciate about this collection is the colour spectrum as it makes the line versatile and transitional across all seasons/occasions.

Daiso “Cherry Blossom Shadow Blush Palette” – Apricot Blossom

There will always be contoversy regarding makeup sold in budget shops: are the beauty products tested on animals? Are they dermatologically approved? The Japanese budget store “Daiso” distribute several hit-or-miss items: their makeup often appears to be of fairly decent quality despite it’s low costs. By no means are their cosmetics fantastic or alike highstreet/roadshop brands, however for a measly 5,000₩/£3.40/$4.65 this palette I’m referring to has 4 eyeshadows and a blusher; all of which are well pigmented. As you can probably identify from the inserted photograph below, some of the shades contain more shimmer than others: which is a factor I adore because it provides a little variety. The packaging alone is admirable and weighty: similar to products from well appreciated Japanese/Korean brands.

Etude House “Matte Chic Lip Lacquer” – Peach Beige/피치못한 베이지 (BE101)

I have taken a liking to lip lacquers since the arrival of “Rimmel Apocalips” and once again when “NYX lingerie” came about. Etude House are well-known for their lightweight lip tints and hydrating lipsticks, so I was curious as to how one of their thicker consistency lip products would perform. Due to the fact that the lacquer is endorsed by the highly popular kpop group ”Red Velvet”, it’s difficult to determine whether or not the success of this new lip lacquer is down to the item itself being favourable or biasedly in demand at the fault of the girl group. After using the product on consecutive days, I can say that the lacquer is quite drying; nevertheless my lips didn’t end up looking pursed and shrivelled like a raisin. In small text printed on the packaging, it is claimed to be long-lasting. I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as saying it is long-lasting, yet I believe you can wear it for four or so hours without having to reapply the lacquer.

Etude House ”Look at my eyes café” – New Recipe (OR206).

Anyone who has foraged for prettily packaged cosmetics or set foot in an actual Etude House store will know the struggle of deciding which of the countless mono-eyeshadows to purchase. Honestly I don’t know how I have restrained myself from accumulating an extensive collection of these convenient single pot eyeshadows. For now I only own OR206 which can simply be described as a powdered peach (almost nude) fine shimmer eyeshadow. If you don’t like to wear extravagant eye makeup or need to wear ‘natural’ looking makeup to comply with school/work dress codes, then light shades such as this one are the perfect candidate. Additionally if you seek to design your own personal eyeshadow palette, Etude House sell empty eyeshadow palettes/cases; therefore if desired you can depot their single eyeshadows to form a custom palette.


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2 responses to “Mini Kbeauty Haul/Review ðŸ¤””

  1. It looks like its a nice product. But was the lipstick in a heart form ….wasn’t that hard to apply?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Somehow the heart shape made it easier to apply. I was suprised. It was best for tracing the curves of lips near the cupid’s bow.


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