What’s in my travel pouch? – Fukuoka Edition ðŸ›«

Next week I’m taking a brief trip to Fukuoka, Japan. Unlike back in December of last year when I visited Osaka, I intend to take less of my belongs with me; mainly due to the fact that I’m restricted to using a holdall or small suitcase which complies with in-flight/carry-on luggage rules. Travelling in Spring instead of Winter this time round, I have less travel essentials to share with you alike those stated in my My travel essentials for my trip to Osaka post. Regardless I thought I would enlist the beauty and toiletry items I shall include in my travel pouch.

Etude House – Watermelon Fresh Squeeze Juice Cleansing Foam Sample

This cleanser claims to be infused with real watermelon extracts to restore skin’s hydration whilst simultaneously cleansing away unwanted sebum and other impurities which can cause problematic skin if not removed. The Etude House website itself states that their product, including the pineapple juice and green apple variations, revitalise and brighten skin making ‘dull skin look clear and bright with abundant foam’. Furthermore the official Etude House website details how this is not a product suitable for application onto problematic skin, i.e. with open spots or cuts, eczema or dermatitis. Even if you are the sort of person who refrains from fruits, I think we can collectively agree that watermelon is a natural source of freshness thus making it highly suitable for use after a long warm day of enjoying whatever outside has to offer.

Tony Moly – Tony Lab AC Control Acne Foam Cleanser Sample

In the unexpected event that I have a, what I like to call, a volcano erupt onto the surface of my skin I thought during my trip would be a suitable time to take advantage of this free sample. I am fully aware that using a product just on the one occasion is unlikely to make a significant beneficial difference to skin’s condition; however the product allegedly can ‘soothe problem areas’ thanking to sage and centella asisatica (-also known as gotu kola and Indian pennywort) extracts.

The Face Shop – Dr Belmeur Foam Cleanser Sample

‘A slightly acidic gel-type cleansing foam with a pH similar to the skin barrier to minimize irritation to sensitive skin’. To be straightforward The Face Shop isn’t so favourable thesedays. They’re well known for continuously repackaging the same products in order to apparently create new product lines. In other words they have run out of ideas to put fourth. I’m hoping this foam cleanser will not be a disappointment or prove that using the title ”DR” in the branding is simply a gimmick to entice people into thinking dermatologists or other professionals have helped develop the product with groundbreaking remedies.

Innisfree – The Green Tea Seed Serum

Skincare enriched with green tea is a no-brainer in my case. If I consistently use a green tea based product alongside even a simple foam or gel formula face cleanser, my skin will be clear without having to use additional products. I have come to notice that without using a Serum like this one I am referring to, or skincare containing aloe vera and tea tree ingredients I will have breakouts and frequent or persistent periods of irritation. I have no qualms when using this product (- or anything similar to it) and consider it to be a staple piece in the skincare routine of anyone with sensitive skin.

Sooryehan – HYO Water-spring Multi Cream Samples

Upon purchasing some sheet masks from this brand which was unfamiliar to me, I was given a week worth of this gel-type face moisturiser. The full sized product and any of Sooryehan products appear to be luxurious: not high-end yet pricer than popular highstreet/drugstore brands. Supposedly the cream functions as a essence, gel moisturiser, and sheet mask in one. So far I have only used it once. It is very hydrating, although I wouldn’t say it stands out from any other product composed by similar ingredients etc.

Sooryehan – Houttuynia Cordata Sheet Masks

First things first. What the fudge is Houttuynia Cordata extract? Well, Google says that is several aliases. Let’s just stick with the term ‘Chameleon plant’. Most noticeable of all the cotton sheet and essence are thicker than that provided by standard sheet masks: you would think that these are beneficial factors, although I truly felt like the thickness of the cotton prevented the serum on the outer side of the sheet mask from being absorbed through to the underside of the mask. Meaning some of the ampoule was wasted by drying with the exposure to air. I have a small face so it’s understandable that sheet masks rarely fit my face perfectly and are rather oversized for me, but these ones are so rounded and large that I had to fold over the edges of the mask just to enable it to lay on my face without it falling off or soaking my hairline. Despite not favouring the mask I think using one would be relaxing after a day out in the sun of Fukuoka.

Etude House – Precious Mineral Matte BB Cream

What can I say? Any of the Etude House Precious Mineral BB creams are fantastic in my opinion. They’re lightweight, hydrating, provide moderate coverage and the matte version is ideal for wearing during warm weather conditions. It has SPF50+ PA+++ and considered as a ‘beautifying block’ rather than a ‘blemish balm’.

Sure – MotionSense Bright Bouquet Deodorant

Discussing personal hygiene toiletries isn’t the most popular subject across blogs, yet I think we could all appreciate a little review of essential everyday deodorants and body sprays. Usually I gravitate toward purchasing ‘invisable’/stain proof/non-transferring liquid roll-on deodorants. I tried this MotionSense one on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised to find that upon moving around to complete daily tasks the deodorant lasted a long time and the floral scent with strawberries and apricot was more noticeable than when being inactive. I want to use this product in Fukuoka to test it’s limits.

Mamonde Everyday Sun Cream

Even if my BB cream will provide more than enough sun protection, I can’t empathise enough the importance of using a sunscreen every single day all year round. This one in particular smells lovely with it’s calendula scent. Like most suncream it is tacty, so it doubles as a makeup primer.

Maybelline New York – Color Elixir ‘Blush Essence’ (705).

Natural looking makeup is a trend in Japan – I barely wear any makeup so I glad about this. I don’t want to adopt my usual burgundy or brick rose pink lip look during the spring time, so I will begin to strip things back to the basics with a pigmented pink lip gloss. This shade compliments my green eyes, pale skin and light brown hair without making me look washed out or highlighting the fact that my teeth aren’t totally white.

Bourjous – Rouge Edition Soufflé de Velvet ‘VIPeach’ (03)

This liquid lipstick is the perfect in between of a lip tint and satin lipstick. The mousse texture maintains lips moisture without making the wearer feel conscious of something being on their lips. The initial wetness of the lippy erases quickly, leaving a subtle wash of colour which can last for hours on end minus the feeling of being uncomfortable or patchy.


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4 responses to “What’s in my travel pouch? – Fukuoka Edition ðŸ›«”

  1. Japan is definitely on my list of places to visit someday. Hope you have a fun and safe trip. 🙂


    1. Thank youuuuu. I have returned to Korea now, so hopefully I can document my short trip to Japan in a blog post soon.


  2. All of these products sound very interesting, I’ll make sure to try some of them. Enjoy your trip! 🙂 (I’ve always wanted to go to Japan 😍)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuuuuu 😊
      If you can try at least just one of the products, I recommend most of all the Innisfree green tea seed serum. You won’t regret buying it!


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