Where to eat in South Korea #2- A Foodie Recommends πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ₯’

I’m well aware that travelling to South Korea isn’t on everyone’s Bucket lists nor is it considered a country to be incurious of. When we (Europeans and Westerners in general) think of venturing to land of oriental descent, China and Japan often spring to mind. If my Seoul Food (- did you see what I did there?) recommendations and references throughout my blog haven’t convinced you enough to explore Korea, then I have no idea what will encourage you. Nevertheless if you aren’t seeking to take a flight through the clouds anytime soon, I sure hope that you can unveil the locations of where you can discover some of these dishes where you reside. Word of warning: read this with a snack otherwise you will blame me for your abrupt hunger!


This is a Japanese style curry restaurant franchise. It’s most popular branch being located in the shopping/tourism district of Myeongdong, Seoul. Upon initial arrival to Abiko the extensive menu can seem intimating, though through further inspection the menu is categorised into steps to create a curry according to your preferences (some pre-set dishes are available). Each dining table provides a order form coinciding with the numbered steps on the menu. For example you can chose the type of curry and rice, the spiciness level of the curry, add a cutlet, and have a free garnish of either chopped spring onions or dried garlic chips. As shown in the picture above, I selected a Spicy (level 2) mushroom curry rice with a chicken cutlet and spring onions. Side dishes of Korean radish kimchi, Japanese pickled ginger and miso soup are complimentary. If sushi or any form of raw fish isn’t the sort of Japanese cuisine that suits your taste palette, I’m confident that most people will fall in love with some variation of katsu curry just like that served at Abiko.

Beans Bins

The name of this waffle cafΓ© doesn’t exactly sound appetising, but I can assure you that stopping off at Beans Bins will not disappoint. In my opinion it’s an ideal place for couples or small groups of friends/family who want a freshly prepared dessert and a little pick-me-up of coffee. Most of the waffles are themed around whipped cream and fresh fruits. My boyfriend and I settled on a new addition to the menu: a Red Velvet and Blueberry waffle. The batter of the waffle had a similar appearance to red velvet cake. Instead of being topped with cream cheese frosting an equally delicious sweet cream was piped onto one half of the waffle followed by chocolate brownie pieces. The other half of the waffle had warm blueberries and a drizzling of chocolate sauce. If you have a nut allergy please be aware that the batter of the waffles at Bean Bins contain chunks of almonds. Let’s just say since practically engulfing the red velvet waffle I have been craving another ever since.

Cheese, potato & bacon monster pizza.

If you thought Dominos were the mouthwatering pizza topping combinations, or experts when it comes to takeaway pizzas then you haven’t even lived yet. Takeaway pizzas in Korea have unique flavour and ingredient combinations inspired by Italy, Germany, Korea and the USA. Have you ever has a spicy German sausage pizza with a cream cheese sauce base sauce, or sweet-potato stuffed crust bulgogi beef Chicago style pizza? Needless to say the combinations here are endless, and in some cases too adventurous. All I can says is if you have the opportunity to create your own pizza, head for a cheese with potato fries and bacon rashers collaboration.


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6 thoughts on “Where to eat in South Korea #2- A Foodie Recommends πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ₯’

  1. You are sooo right, Korea is bomb! Awesome food, very wired and clean city and extremely friendly people. I could definitely live there, at least for a while. Anywhere you go in Seoul you can alway find a great meal.

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