[Recipe]: Vienna Sausage Spaghetti 🍝🍴

As of late I’ve been reaching for warming, comfort dishes this Winter: pasta based meals in particular. What’s benefical about this simple recipe I’m about to share, is that it any variety of tomato pasta sauces can be used and still compliment the flavours provided by the vienna sausages and garlic ham. I have made this meal multiple times; deciding that Arabiatta, Rose or Napoli sauces are included within your opinions.

If you find it difficult to obtain Vienna Sausages the closest alternative, in terms of taste, is to purchase a large german sausage and cut it into circles or small sections: in this case don’t buy the garlic flavoured variety as the ham may already be garlic flavoured too. If you are in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the common ‘Matterson’s smoked sausages’; one of these would work nicely.

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 10 miniture vienna sausages,
  • Half a cup of cubed garlic ham,
  • Half a white onion,
  • 1-2 pak choi (depending on size),
  • 1/4 of a 500g pack of spaghetti,
  • 2 cups of your preferred tomato pasta sauce,
  • Salt & pepper to taste,
  • Dried basil,
  • Olive oil,
  • Sugar or sugar substitute*,
  • Spring onions for garnish*.

*optional ingredients

Preparation time: 25 minutes.


Begin preparing the dish by chopping the white onion halve into semi-circles, and roughly chopping or shreading the pak choi. Set aside for later use.

Now dice the garlic ham into as evenly sized cubes as possible; usually this should be easy as the ham is sold in a rectangular block.

With a knife, score the mini sausages: hasselback style is an option.

Before cooking the meats and vegetables, start to boil the spaghetti.
In a medium sized frying pan, fry the onion over a low-medium strength heat with a little olive oil.

As the onion gradually goldens, add the garlic ham and vienna sausages. Reduce to a low heat and stir at regular intervals.

When the meats change colour, drizzle in a little more olive oil followed by the pak choi and seasonings to taste. Continue to stir the ingredients often to prevent the onions from sticking to the pan.

After 12-15 minutes the pasta should be al-dente. At this moment, turn of the heat to the frying pan and the saucepan containing the spaghetti. Drain the pasta thoroughly.

Tip the spaghetti into the frying pan containing the meat and vegetables. Toss all the ingredients together, well.

Pour in the recommended amount of pasta sauce. Sprinkle in a small amount of dried basil before stiring all of the ingredients together again.

For a minute or so, turn the heat supply back on to warm up the sauce that should now be evenly distributed.

Serve with spring onions as garnish.


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  1. Talk about bringing back memories. I grew up eating Vienna Sausages.

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