‘Treat yo self.’

Retail therapy: is it a bad habit to divert yourself from, or simply a chance to give yourself some gifts?

I think as long as shopping for the non-necessities doesn’t become a frequent obsession, going on a little shopping spree once in a while is not unhealthy. It’s a mood lifter during patches of recurring low days. Whether you have the income or savings to be able to support this kind of lifestyle is an entirely separate debate, but treats definitely don’t have to be expensive to make you feel good about yourself.

In conclusion…

I know I don’t have to justify my spending choices and the depressive days I experience aren’t an excuse to wonder around shopping centres, however I just want stress the importance of putting yourself first sometimes. Just remember that physical objects aren’t solely the way to achieve satisfaction.


This week has been off-beat. I usually refrain from splurging on the non-essentials, but briefly caution was thrown to the wind… and for once I’m accepting of that.

First of all, I’ve been in need of a new decent pair of jeans for the half a year. One pair of the jeans I persisted to wear were too big at the waist, and my beloved ‘New look’ black skinny jeans had gradually faded and shunken during their 3.5 year life. Instead of purchasing another cheap pair, I decided to go into my local Uniqlo in search of their newly released high-rise, straight-cut jeans. Until now I have religiously stuck to wearing dark coloured skinny jeans, because I was overly self-conscious about the shape and size of my thighs. I believed that straight-cut jeans, or any trousers of that style for that matter, would give the illusion of having even wider thighs. To my suprise, these new Uniqlo jeans are the best ones I have ever brought! The fit it perfect! The high-rise waist band accentuates the areas I feel comfortable with, they aren’t baggy around the bottom nor too tight, the length is very ideal, and there isn’t too much distressing for detail. Moreso, they aren’t overly stiff; which is an appreciatable difference since I’ve mainly been wearing leggings, tights and skinnies. I recommend these jeans in particular to anyone with somewhat curvy hips, short legs (I have a 27inch inside leg measurement: the length of these jeans aren’t specified although I estimate they are 28 inches in length), and usually have an issue with jeans gapping at the back of the waist band.

It’s long overdue that I tried cosmetics from ‘Too Cool for School’. Since seeing the ‘Art Class Nuage lip’ collection on the brand’s Instagram page, I’ve been wanting to try one out for myself. Even though I couldn’t totally comprehend what the saleswoman was saying to me, as she was of course speaking in Korean, I did manage to gather that she was recommending that orange toned pinks and soft pinks would suit me most. Some of the shades she suggested were too alike the dusty rose or brick tones which I already have plenty of, so the only option which seemed fitting was ‘Hazy Coral (02)’. It’s definitely more pink than orange, but once oxidised the orange pigments come through a little more than when first applied. The texture is very similar to the favoured ‘PeriPera Ink Velvet’ tints and has a vanilla sponge cake scent; if you’ve ever tried the ‘Collection Cream Puff’ Lip Creams the scent is identical to that.

The cashier kindly gave me two free samples of their ‘Egg mellow body butter’, which can straightforwardly be descibed as a must try! It absorbs quickly enough, isn’t too greasy and smells alot more pleasant than the name suggests.

Almost everyday I walk past a Dunkin’ doughnuts… Today I couldn’t steer clear and ended up grabbing two of their doughnuts from the Hello Kitty Valentine’s day collection. It was the best decision I made all day πŸ˜‹

Let me know what you think about so called retail therapy. Do the pros outweigh the cons, vice versa?


Links (not sponsored, just to help anyone who’s interested:

Too Cool for school – Artclass nuage lip (Yestyle)

Uniqlo – High Rise Distressed Jeans 19SS (these may not be available worldwide).


Contact info & social media links:

E-mail: emmamoseley0@googlemail.com



12 responses to “‘Treat yo self.’”

  1. ConfusedGirlTales avatar

    The picture is soo tempting

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  2. Those jeans look really great on you! Retail Therapy is just part of my life, it’s probably somewhat toxic TT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anabel πŸ€—
      I think I’ll always be able to be sensible with money, but I really neglected myself last year so from time to time I’ll go for some retail therapy 😊

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      1. That’s good! It’s definitely a great feeling. I used to be really bad with money but my husband has helped me get better with it!


  3. I love retail therapy and wholeheartedly support it (within reason). When 2018 finished, I ended up going shopping at the outlet mall in my city with my friend and we stumbled into the Kate Spade store. I ended up purchasing a $345 bag for $100 and it was absolutely worth the money. I love it, use it everyday, and I’m so glad I bought it as a reward for making it through such a tough year!

    I can’t say that retail therapy is always a good idea, but I think if it’s done in moderation — and usually for things that you need or will use often — then it’s totally fine!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion, it seems like we think alike when it comes to this topic 😊


  4. I love retail therapy, even though my closet tells me to stop πŸ˜›

    I recently purchased a pair of work pants from Uniqlo and oh my lord is it worth the money! It’s honestly the best and most flattering pair of office pants I’ve ever owned! I heard rave reviews on their jeans (quality and super stretchy) so I’m interested in grabbing a pair when the time calls to replace my current jeans.

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    1. In that case I might take a look at other trousers/pants they have to offer. Yes, absolutely consider trying out their jeans. I can already tell that the quality will make them long lasting πŸ‘


  5. I don’t know if our Dunkin Donuts had them, but now I need to get my hands on a hello kitty donut! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    1. If it makes you feel any better, they just looked cute. The taste was pretty usual πŸ˜…

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  6. Great post! Thanks for the reminder, I often find a lot of guilt in treating myself for some strange reason.


    1. I hope the post conveyed that I feel like that way too, so don’t worry, you aren’t alone in thinking that way.

      Thanks for commenting, and make sure to treat yourself this weekend if you can 😁😊

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