“What’s my opinion on ______❔” – #1.

Where do I begin? Should I make it clear that I’m well aware no one asked for my opinion, or should I justify my reasoning as to why I want to start this series?

To be straight forward I don’t think my options are more valid than anyone else’s. I’m most certainly, and objectively, not the sort of person to willing delve into a debate even if inside my mind I have so much to express that my thoughts are raging inside me. Usually I hold back. Oftenly I convince myself that it’s better to compose myself, that’s its better to be withdrawn. However, as I’ve always stated, my blog is my outlet and upon recently reading another blogger’s content based around what she has learned throughout her life so far, I’ve been inspired to rekindle my urge to speak honestly on any given topic. So, suddenly and perhaps optimistically during this midnight, I believe I have firmly decided to start a regular series on my blog purely for discussing my thoughts on a multitude of subjects; whether they be questions I have received in any given way or something playing on my mind when the insomnia hits me at 3am.

“What’s your opinion on Valentine’s day?”

As I said in the comments section of a lovely individual’s blog, who wrote about her decision to not celebrate Valentine’s day just past, I mentioned how I’ve never celebrated this occasion despite being in a committed relationship. I genuinely think that if you love someone, you don’t need an annual commercialised day to prove or devote your love for/to one another. If you want to celebrate your mutual precious feelings you should do so anyway chosen day, or everyday for that matter. Besides, is it actually romantic to watch roses die?

“What’s you opinion on profanities?

I think blasphemous language is f***ing fantastic! If there’s one good point to the English language, it’s the fact that the ‘f’ word can be used as a verb, an adjective, a noun, an adverb… so on and so forth. If I had to chose a favourite among this so called offensive, uncolourful vocabulary I’d settle for “Sheisse” – yes, specifically in German. Not only is it ‘foul’ language, but it has more of an aggressive tone to it than the English translation. Also, I somehow have convinced myself that swearing in another language that you don’t speak or at least isn’t your mother tongue, is perfectly acceptable and therefore less harmful to the old fashioned conservative who supposedly wouldn’t dare let a swear word pass their lips; even in the comfort of their own Victorian detached house in the Heart of Chelsea.

“What’s your opinion on gender roles & expectations?”

So this one is a very very (again very) touchy, controversial subject… In regards to this topic I’m not entirely supportive of new terminology or politically correct terms like “gingerbread persons” or “police people” (because these gender originated names don’t have a negative impact on me personally) & Jesus (- or Budda) knows what else has crept it’s way into society, however I fully can sympathise that to some it is more fitting and comfortable to conform to non-binary titles. I truely despise defining people with labels against their will. So with deep controversies aside relating to gender roles and expectations, I want to focus on the more common, vast issues surrounding gender equality. I think it’s disgusting and Neanderthalic to imply that a man has to be the breadwinner of the family & that a woman must be the stay-at-home caregiver to a couple’s child/children. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not making this statement in favour of either gender. I’m not saying this because I think women should be the head of a family and that a man should be more hands-on with responsibility in relation to raising a family. I’m saying it’s absolutely unfair and pressuring to force either financial or parenting responsibilities solely, or in a large percentage, onto one person in particular due to their gender. In an ideal situation responsibilities and roles in a family setting or work environment should be shared as equally as possible among the counterparts, or at least a compromise which doesn’t take anyone for granted, should be settled upon. Now don’t get me started on clothing and cosmetics! Allow people to wear whatever they please… And stop marketing products by gender categories! Please tell me why you have labelled your shaving foam as ‘mens’ shaving foam…

“What is your opinion on celebrity news articles?”

I admit I am slightly partial to a bit of celebrity gossip: usually if it concerns a public figure who I admire for whichever reason (usually its because of their personality or achievements rather than their appearance or scandals). Although, everyday I scroll through the news apps which I downloaded in the hope of keeping up-to-date with ‘real world’ problems; I regrettably stumble upon article after article reporting such utter nonsense. The journalist goes onto say something lime: “*celebrity’s name* lost 2 stone after her shock spilt from *name of another irrelevant individual*!” Seriously!? Why are we still obsessed with people’s bodies? Why can’t a celebrity be photographed without having a news article conjured up just as an excuse to plaster it all over the newstands? Paying a celebrity who once appeared in a ‘reality’ TV series or auditioned for the Xfactor by tarnishing Frank Sinatra’s: ‘My Way’, is not real news.


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