[Review]: NEW Innisfree Real Fit Matte Lipstick + Dr. Troub Sheetmask πŸ’„

Yesterday, on the 20th February, Innisfree released their new ‘Real Fit Matte Lipstick’ line; offering both matte and regular formulations. The matte shades focus on variations of red; whereas the standard, somewhat satin finish type are ‘MLBB’ shades. There are 10 colours for each texture.

The advertisements for the range seemingly push the matte type into the limelight more so than the MLBB formula; I’m assuming this is because they haven’t had an ‘all red tones’ collection before (at least not one that is still available).

Innisfree have upgraded their packaging since the introduction of their successful ‘Real Fit Velvet lipstick’ line. The caps are now magnetic, whereas previously the lids provided on the velvet range were thin and less secure. I certainly prefer the new matte black packaging in comparison to the white, cheaper looking packing that quite a few of their lip products have.

After seeing the swatches of this product on the brand’s Instagram page and website, I was instantly drawn to the MMLB shades more than the reds: I initially thought this was perhaps due to personal preference, however when comparing the shades of the two textures side-by-side it is apparent that the MMLB shades have a better colour pay-off.

After going into one of their stores today, I almost purchased shades ‘6 – Cinnamon Peach’ & ‘7 Rosy Chocolate’ both satin type. The colours are to die for, but they’re so soft that I doubt the power of their longevity. Alternatively I ended up buying ‘5 – Burnt Orange’ (matte).

Judging by the swatch (pictured below) the formula does slightly drag which doesn’t do it justice. On my lips, which weren’t dry but bare, it latched onto bits of skin that had begun to flake from needing to work the lipstick back and forth in order to apply it properly. This is definitely a lipstick you need to pat onto your lips rather than using it in swiping motions, which makes achieving a gradient look easy. Their website usefully demonstrates which shades can be mixed together.

At first application I was a little disappointed. It felt uncomfortable and dehydrating. Although after a few minutes the lipstick softened with the warmth of my lips, at which point it really gave a desirable blurring effect without creasing up in the fine lines.

Despite eating and drinking, the lipstick barely budged for 4 hours or so; yet as expected it did tranfer to the straw I was drinking from. For the colour factor and wide range of colours to choose from I would recommend this collection, but regrettably I have to say there are much more decent matte lipsticks available among Kbeauty brands for the same price or less. Rating wise, I’d rate the lipstick as a 6/10.


With a Sidmool order I received a complimentary ‘Dr. TROUB Skin Returning Functional Hydrogel Sheet Mask’ (- whatever that means). Whenever a brand produces a product or set of products under the name of ‘Doctor’ something, I question the genuinity of the so called ‘professional’ quality they usually claim to have. Why do they always say something along the lines of: ‘formulated based on dermatologist research’. Excuse me, but shouldn’t all skincare products be approved by dermatologists? Basically, I didn’t have high hopes for this sheet mask.

Hydrogel mask packs are comfortable to wear… well, I say this without having mentioned that you have to lay down whilst wearing it. It will slide off no matter how hard you try to fight it. I find that typical cotton sheet masks cause itchiness as skin absorbs the serum/ampoule; this isn’t an issue with hydrogel. It took about 40 minutes for the essence to soak into my skin, which is a usage time of around 15-20 minutes longer than masks made from other materials. I felt rather relaxed, so I didn’t regard the extra waiting time as an inconvenience.

One time use isn’t enough to make an instantaneous difference to skin’s appearance or health: therefore giving a review of it’s performance wouldn’t be accurate. I did however notice that my skin felt plumper and hydrated for a few days longer than the lasting effects of a basic sheet mask, which is usually only for one day.

As a once-a-week pamper mask it’s worth the money. As a daily sheet mask it’s not unique enough to invest in. If you want to make your skin glow youthfully, I suggested collagen masks which tend to be more affordable than this particular mask. In conclusion, I’d rate the mask 7/10.


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