[Review]: the SAEM – Eco Soul Sparkling Eye ✨

Another week is nearing an end. I’m feeling reflective about my life; in particular I’ve been contemplating all concerning my blog and how far it has come since I started posting on a fairly regular basis. I may not have thousands of readers who regularly return to my blog each week, nor have I been fortunate enough to participate in any brand/company collaborations or sponsorships; despite this I remain hopeful for progressing my blog further and would just like to take this moment to thank anyone and everyone who has taken a few minutes out of their day to take a peak at, at least one of my rambles.

Whilst looking back at the positive feedback I have received to date, I noticed that one product review in particular was favourable: that being about The SAEM Eco Soul – Essence Cushion All Cover. I’m not entirely sure why people have taken an interest in this review; it’s not an overly popular kbeauty brand plus the cushion isn’t well recommended neither. Nevertheless, I have come to the realisation that there are a lack of detailed reviews for ‘The SAEM’ cosmetics available in English; hence the reason as to why I’m sharing another.

I didn’t begin to delve into the enticing world of makeup until I was 19 or 20 years old, which in my generation is considerably ‘late’ (whatever that means). I went to a girls only secondary school, so I was surrounded by young ladies who on-the-daily broke the uniform rules by wearing lip-gloss, mascara and winged eye liner. I didn’t get the hype and just felt out of place, not feminine enough even if I was rather girly when wearing my home clothes. Anyway my point is, four years on I’m still pretty new to make-up. I have never worn a full face of makeup and wouldn’t dare attempt a cut-crease or contouring. Honestly I don’t think I neccassarily have to wear makeup, I don’t think I’m attractive but have a tendancy to not conform to beauty standards and frankly would rather not be scratching my face due to irritation for the sake of being a so called sophisticated, mature woman. Pardon my French, but f*** that. If makeup is your passion, you do you, that just isn’t for me.

In hindsight, I think I will mainly stick to using my four go-to cosmetics: Foundation/BB Cream, Concealer, lipstick and powder. Then again lately I’ve been looking…how can I say? – Half dead? I need what the kids say, “a pop of colour”. So, I purchased the SAEM Eco Soul Sparkling Eye ‘stick’? I vaguely recollect watching Youtuber, Edward Avila, mention this product during one of his videos before shortly after seeing it advertised on The SAEM ‘s social media pages (I’m convinced that Facebook is spying on us, or have I simply been influenced by Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories?) I intended to buy the pink shade among the 10 available. My local branch stocked 6 or 7 colours. The pigmentation of the pink shade was bolder than I expected: a factor I wasn’t in search of. The sales assistant swatched a few shades on the back of her hand for me, indicating that the gold tones would suit me best. Most of the collection is centred around gold shimmers. I settled for ‘Sweet Fantasy’ (CR01) – a light bronze, beige shade with flecks of both gold and silver.

The product aims to be versatile, thus not having the words ‘eyeshadow’ or ‘liner’ in it’s title. The fine applicator makes it ideal for enhancing the ‘Aegyo-sal’ – the area directly beneath the lower-lash line, yet before the eye-bag area. In Korea, Japan and China, having a prominent Aegyo-sal in considered youthful and can give the illusion of larger, brighter, more awakened eyes. This product is also suitable for creating the wet-eyeshadow look and highlighting the inner corners of eyes. Of course it can also be used as an eye-liner for upper eyelids.

‘Sweet Fantasy’ – CR01 (bottom swatch)

First things first, this is not easily wearable for anyone who has fine lines under their bottom eyelashes; whether they be aging lines or part of your natural eye shape. On me, the line which I had blended out precisely and thinly transferred quickly further down onto the eye-bag area as the fold in my undereye carried the shimmer as my face muscles moved. On the plus side, sort of, it dries quickly but this didn’t seem to prevent the issue I just mentioned. I can confidently confirm that the product works spectacularly as a all-over eyeshadow, or as accent glitter; it doesn’t shift too much and is comfortable as long as you don’t wear it for extensive periods of time, i.e. longer than 8 or so hours.

For the price (8000₩/£5.38/$7.10/€6.25), I’m 80% satisfied and may potentially splurge on another shade. The packaging is desirable, somewhat rose gold in colour. One thing I would prefer is if the tube was slightly more generous in size. I certainly can recommend this product to anyone who wants to wear sparkles without using those chunky, hard to control shimmer sticks.

💬 On a final note, who else has given ‘the SAEM’ as try?


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8 thoughts on “[Review]: the SAEM – Eco Soul Sparkling Eye ✨

  1. If you want a comparable western style product, the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are my go to. I haven’t noticed any of that going into fine lines with them either.

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