Diary #7 – Kimbab, new home & too many lattes.

This week commenced with packing the mountain of clothing which I somehow have accumulated, yet still rotate between the same four or five outfits. I’ve become fairly good at packing thanking to my liking for organisation and moving between France, the UK and Korea over the last couple of years. Then again, I should probably take on the advice and tips from Marie Kondo.

When convenience stores are placed within close proximity on whichever street you may be on in Korea, it easy, and usually inexpensive to become reliant (and lazy) for grabbing a bite to eat. This week I didn’t do a weekly food shop as I may not have been able to consume all the fresh produce before moving to the new flat. Instead, I often opted for kimbap/kimbab (korean rice rolls, similar to Californian rolls) and instant ramen.

Lotte Foods garlic sausage and mustard mayonnaise Kimbab – 7eleven
Spam cheese Kimbab – at 김밥천국 (Kimbab Cheonguk), a franchise which is sometimes called ‘Kimbab House’. Kimbab is their main dish; serving dumpling soups, pork cutlet, tteokbokki etc.


Anyone here a regular watcher of ‘Eastenders’? I was playing it in the background whilst I was packing kitchenware and noticed how the storylines have recently taken a more serious tone. Of course it’s a soap opera: there’s plenty of drama each episode with murders, characters experiencing relationship issues and bad boys stirring up trouble; however I feel like they have touched on more real life current issues that need consistent discussion and airtime. For instance in London, particularly among the urban areas of South and East London, there’s been a serge in knife crime within the past five years or so. After people were urged by law to hand in their weapons knife crime rates declined slightly but after the 2012 London riots, and the announcement of a double-dip recession with the lowest unemployment rates since the early 2000s, knife crime again became more frequent. Is there a connection between the mentioned events and the inflation of crime rates? – Who knows? Back to my point, Eastenders has depicted the effects on teens and families who are effected by the loss of close ones who have passed as a result of gang related crimes, mental-health issues and life threatening illnesses. In some ways I believe the show should be aired after the watershed, then again it demonstrates realism to the young adults who may be tuning-in.


Aki & Haru are as we say back home, ‘as happy as Larry’ (I don’t know who this Larry is either). As I write this they are still wary of the new surroundings, although no longer camping beneath the settee. Aki has been parkouring on the kitchen cabinets and fridge.

(Before the move)


Not long into the week I made a strawberry latte: a recreation of what’s now being sold in most cafes here. It’s pretty straightforward to prepare, the right amount of sweetness and refreshing.

What I really crave is a honeydew milk bubble tea from CuppaCha in London’s Chinatown. Winter melon, rose and hazelnut flavours are the go to if honeydew has sold out. I can’t understand why people ever go for the non-milk, juice types of bubbletea.

I also daydream often about McDonald’s breakfast wraps and cinnamon sugar coated prezel bites from Mr. Pretzel. Please reassure me that I’m not the only one who thinks about junk food on a regular basis…

This year I really aim to take more photos of scenery. Food photography is great and all, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; plus I need to learn to feel less embarrassed and self-conscious by taking selfies and not waste the opportunity to capture snippets of my environment whilst I’m living abroad. In general, I think I need to adopt more of a care free attitude. I’ll work on it.


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