[AD-Gifted]: eyeNlip Beauty Matt Lipstick (아이앤립 매트 립스틱) Review

Kbeauty products are gradually growing in popularity outside of Korea itself; due to this sudden increase in demand to add unique, new or better quality cosmetics to the beauty market, it is of upmost importance to countless Kbeauty brands, including eyeNlip, to provide these qualities. Not only do eyeNlip offer ampoules, cleansing foams, shampoo, collagen infused eye cream, and 16 varieties of creams/face masks contained within spout pouch packacking, they also produce Matt Lipsticks.

There are 5 shades within their Matt Lipstick collection: 01 Vladi Red, 02 Ruby Red, 03 Sunset Coral, 04 Caramel Pink, and 05 Muhly Pink. Each tube contains 4g of product, with the matt black outer packaging (the individual boxes) detailing the ingredients, directions for use, cautions and other general information both in Korean and English. As per usual with most lip products, the lipsticks have a shelf life of 12 months upon opening.

According to the back of the packaging, eyeNlip matt lipsticks:

‘Perfectly fit on lips’ leaving a ‘moist texture’.

Provide ‘semi matte colour’, are ‘vivid’ and ‘long lasting’.

Now onto the actual review.

First of all I think they decided well on the packaging. Both the outer packaging and the tubes are slick, classy and simplistic; most or less an item which will be timeless in terms of appearance. The bright orange acrylic caps tie in well to the intense orange/red tones which are in fashion this Springtime. The tubes are lightweight and can be held comfortably thanking to the curvatur at the base of the metal tube. The product retracts smoothly, so there is no need to be forceful with it.

#01 Vladi Red (a more sheer version of #02)
#02 Ruby Red (the most vibrant shade in the collection)
#03 Sunset Coral (the orange toned lipstick among the five)
#04 Caramel Pink (a cool toned nude)
#05 Muhly Pink (almost fuchsia pink)

I genuinely like all of the shades as they complement my skintone, hair colour and eye colour which inevitably enables them to be worn effortlessly. The shades are suitable for all year round, although I do think ‘#05 Muhly Pink’ is more favourable for matching to Spring and Summer outfits. My favourite shades are numbers 3 and 4, as number 3 is a coral tone that isn’t unsightly too luminescent and number 4 is a nude pink; perfect for ‘natural’ looking makeup looks. If you have dark tinted lips, shade 4 could be sheer on you.

What I appreciate most about these lippies, is how uncomplicated they are to apply. Plenty of times I have used matte lip products which literally have to be dragged across my lips because the formula is too solid and dry; whereas eyeNlip matt lipsticks a maliable, can conveniently be blended-out with fingertips but work easily as well with a lip brush, and they don’t overly clingy to dry patches. Furthermore, they don’t excessively dehydrate lips making them fell tight, creased or pursed as they contain beeswax, Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and macadamia oil. Just bear in mind that they aren’t the type of lipstick which feels featherlight as if your lips are bare.

Overall, I think the eyeNlip matt lipsticks are fairly good quality for their small cost and I admire their aim to market their items overseas.


Where to find eyeNlip products: beautynetkorea


Disclaimer: The products featured in this blog post were gifted to me in return for a review. Any website links to purchase these products aren’t affiliate links, they are provided purely for the convenience of readers. This is not a sponsored post.


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