Diary #8 – Grey skies & rainy evenings â˜”🌧️

Happy Mother’s Day too all the Mums with us today and to those who are with us in spirit. Thank you to all of those who fulfil the roles of Mothers; whether they be Dads, Uncles, Aunites, a Grandparent, Godparent or simply an older friend who makes us feel loved, safe and provide guidance whenever we’re in doubt or anxious. Mum, thank you for all you have done for me and Daniel in recent time and in the past; I know it’s not always easy for you when you often unwell, but you are always around to talk to. Just please stop telling me ‘Eastenders’ spoliers.

This week, the last week of March, came around quickly. This time last year the sun was beaming down on Incheon: enough to make us swap our thick padded coats for lighter outerwear (- almost everyone was wearing a ridiculously elongated puffer coat for the entirety of Winter and now they have opted for beige trench coats; making everyone look like Inspector Gaget). One thing that has returned is the Cherry Blossom themed everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. All the major café franchises have at least 3 blossom flavoured drinks typically centred around lattes and Matcha, social media accounts are flooded with photos of Cherry blossom strolls and cringey couples who insist on having a picnic in the park despite the passing showers and warnings of blustery winds, and Daiso (the equivalent of PoundWorld in the UK) are selling the likes of blossom patterned paper drinking straws plus blossom/peach shaped ceramics that are too miniature or too pretty to even use for food.

To my knowledge, ‘Ediya’ is the cheapest coffee shop franchise in Korea. Some complain that because of their low prices the coffee beans they use are of low quality, therefore they prefer to be sheep and consistanly return to Starbucks. I love Starbucks too, however I think Ediya and some other café companies don’t get the credit they deserve. Sure, Ediya’s Americanos don’t stand-out as anything unique or different from elsewhere, but they have some great teas, ades, frappes and fresh juices at more than reasonable prices. Not often can you come by a café that has an extensive menu as Ediya has; at least not a varied menu which is permanent. This is the third Cherry blossom season I have spent in Korea, and I try to at least have one of the limited edition drinks during this time: honestly many of these are gimmicky yet it’s not impossible to come across a genuinely flavoursome one. I purchased Ediya’s ‘Apeach’ iced Blossom latte (-‘ Apeach’ is a Kakao Friends/messenger character). It tasted less floral than I hoped, resembling strawberry milkshake. The disappointment aside, I appreciated the ‘Apeach’ shaped marshmallow and whipping cream with it crunching topping. It wasn’t bad for a minimal cost of 4,800₩ (£3.23/$4.22/€3.76); especially when Starbucks, A Twosome Place and The Coffee Bean are charging almost double for their Spring themed drinks.

The kitties are fully settled into the new flat. They are energetic once again, and have an obsession with cardboard boxes. Bascially, don’t spend a small fortune on luxurious fluffy cat beds and toys with feathers pointing in all directions: just give them a box and they’ll be as happy as Larry.

With all the lattes I’ve been gulping down (even if I’m slightly lactose intolerant, my bad…) I haven’t been feeling hungry as often as I usually do. A Foodie who isn’t hungry!? Well, occasionally foodies are happy to have a light or simple meal too. Now you won’t catch me replacing meals with protein shakes anytime soon so, toasted sandwiches, eggy bread, ramen, fried tofu and omelettes were the go-to this week.

Toast with lettuce, a ‘sunny side up’ egg, spam, cheese & tomato ketchup.

One Wednesday I began reading ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur. This poetic, somewhat autobiography is sectioned into four chapters: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. As I don’t like to research the synopsis or read the blurb of a book in the fear of it giving away too much detail, I didn’t know anything about ‘Milk and Honey’ when it was given to me. I naively assumed that it was love poetry, or even a romantic short novel as when the words ‘milk and honey’ come to mind I associate them with sweetness and a pleasant Spring or Summer’s day. It turns out it is based around accounts of abuse, depression, and how in some cultures or types of upbringing females are taught to be obediant and any wrong doings should be kept on the down low. Of course there are moments of strength and empowerment throughout the pages, but I couldn’t shake away the feeling of sadness and untrustworthiness in humanity when reading the most descriptive sentances. I agree that the sensitive subjects in the book needed to be expressed and no longer should be regarded as taboo; although if you prefer to read books for entertainment or on subject matter that is academic rather than connected with real life situations, then I’m not sure if I can recommend this book to you. As much as I commend the author’s courage and honesty to write about her experiences, if you are easily emotionally influenced by depressive subjects then I advise that you only read ‘Milk and Honey’ with the right mindset and not in a room where you are alone.

Yesterday evening I walked slowly back to the train station for returning home from Songdo (the so called international city), to take in the view. The scenery wasn’t new to me; I’ve even photographed it before to share with you all, although I don’t get to see those modern, brightly lit buildings that often. The wind was strong enough to stop me from walking in a straight line, so I stood on the bridge for only a fleeting moment to admire the area.

Songdo, Incheon
Songdo ‘Tri-bowl’ Culture & Arts centre

💬 How did you spend this weekend?


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13 thoughts on “Diary #8 – Grey skies & rainy evenings â˜”🌧️

  1. Great outlook on life. Seems like a pretty nice weekend. Sadly I live in a desert and while there are beauties in the desert there aren’t many cherry blossoms.
    Have a great weekend!


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  2. Very interesting read! The drink you had looks like it would taste yummy 🙂

    And your cats – so glad to hear they’re settling in! Cats and cardboard boxes, you hit the nail on the head. They love ’em, especially if they are establishing a sense of safety in a space. The enclosed nature of boxes help them feel secure 🙂 Plus they just find them exhilarating, haha! Not much cuter than a cat enjoying their bestie box.

    Have a beautiful day, dear! Keep your head up 🙂

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  3. Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing your book review and also the stunning scenic photos…also, I really enjoyed reading about the Cherry Blossom themed drinks you have over there! I really wish I could try a drink like that (I’m in California and where I live, there aren’t any Cherry Blossom flavored drinks anywhere!) So cute!

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  4. This was a very enjoyable read. Korea is one of the places I really wish to visit. And that drink looks too good!
    I too read that book and I kind of agree with you on the fact that it does tackle some quite sensitive and emotional topics that can easily affect you. It did leave a trace of sadness in my heart after finishing it.

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