[Review]: Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch.

As soon as this Spring begun, I rather abruptly started to experience the typical symptoms associated with Hayfever. We may have only just entered the month of April, however the majority of cherry blossoms have already bloomed and blustery winds seem to be blowing pollen and other allergens in nature in every possible direction. Commonly most Hayfever suffers have itchy eyes, a sore throat and some will get inner ear swelling too: it appears that medical companies focus on producing products to deal with these issues in particular, but what about skin sensitivity caused by pollen etc? – Well, it can be rather simple to regularly apply face and body moisturisers to care for larger areas of skin, whereas undereye patches are the go-to at the end of a day to soothe irritation.

I went to ‘Lalavla’ (- previously named Watson’s), to see which sheet mask brands they carry as each roadshop brand of this type occasionally stock different brands from one another. I immediately noticed plenty of ‘Leaders’ products that we don’t have in the UK. I settled for purchasing the Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch as it would focus on my undereye area which by this stage was sore, red in colour, and swollen in a bumpy state. I have never tried eye patches prior due to dismissing them as gimmicky and disliking the fact that they can only be used once. For a small cost of 1,200₩ (£0.80p/$1.05/€0.93) I concluded there would be no harm in giving it a try.

The packaging highlights the following information in regard to the product’s suggested benefits and functions:

탱탱 탄력 개선 Increased elasticity improvement,

촉촉 수분 밸런스 및 영양 공급 Moisture balance and nutrition supply,

수딩 피부 진정 효과 Skin calming effect.

Easy to use, concentrated Hydrogel eye patch that provides moisture and nutrition with soothing effect. It helps to promote wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity.

Inside the foil outer packet, the individual eye patches are contained and separated within a double-sided flip tray so that the ampoule isn’t wasted nor unevenly distributed; therefore each patch is submerged in a little excess ampoule to maintain it’s ‘freshness’ from the time of production to the time of usage.

As per usual of Hydrogel products each patch is additionally placed between two plastic sheets: one transparent for seeing the product upon opening and the other being a white sheet on the underside. The patches aren’t fiddly to remove from the packaging and place onto skin. Each patch is wide enough to entirely cover the undereye area; from the inner to outer corners. You can conveniently go about your day/night within your home while using the patches (it’s not necessary to lie down), without the worry of them sliding out of position.

It is advised that you wear the patches for 20-40 minutes. I wore them for the maximum length of time as I wanted to see its effects on swelling rather than just eliminating itchiness. It does give a slight cooling sensation, yet nothing too intense like menthol which make your eyes water. After half an hour or so, you can recognise that the ampoule has been soaking into skin as the upper side will have dried-out and the thickness of the Hydrogel itself will have flattened. When you take off the patches barely any reside will remain; which is ideal for immediate make up application and not feeling bothered by making your pillow damp if you wish you use the patches before bedtime.

Overall I was pleasantly suprised by the performance of the patches. The puffiness had reduced and the skin no longer felt constricted. I think in order to keep symptoms at bay and to see the results of wrinkle improvement, then the patches would have to be used 3-4 times a week. I’d confidently rate this product 8/10.


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