[Review]: Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam πŸ€”

Outside of Korea, most of us turn to kbeauty and fashion websites to purchase skincare products belonging to Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands. Among the most affordable and popular items on sites including Yesstyle for example, the Etude House Baking Powder range often is featured on their home/most highly rated items pages. Despite using Korean Skincare for approximately 5 years, I still hadn’t given the pore cleansing foam within this product line a thorough try until a month or so ago. Years back when I used a free sample of this, I wasn’t overly appreciative of the cleanser as it didn’t compare to my all time favourite Senka-Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser; which I believe I have mentioned countless times on my blog but never written a detailed review of (it). Anyway, back to the product in discussion...

The product comes in an acceptable sized 160ml squeezy tube. As for the packaging it doesn’t follow the same typical ‘feminine’, pink, glossy design that Etude House usually go for; alternatively the designers opted for a pale blue and white combination with some lettering standing-out in a “London” shade of red. I think the reason why this range has such a basic colour scheme is to make it look like professional skincare inspired or created by dermatologists. Now when curating a cosmetic line, experts are always involved in the production process, but some skincare brands (especially those in Korea) like to have a line of products which solely focuses on the latest research by dermatologists from all corners of the world: more often than not, this range will target the healing and prevention of Acne or the irradiation of blackheads. Some brands will even goes as far as designing their product’s packaging to resemble labatory equipment i.e. test tubes and beackers.

If we refer to the back of the tube, the following is stated in relation to the expected performance and purpose of said product:

‘The multi-deep cleansing foam removes impurities and dead skin cells from pores with fine baking powder and effectively cleanses away makeup residue with it’s abundant foam.”

As for the directions for use, it is pretty much straightforward and alike any other foam cleanser. You only need to dispense a small amount into dampened hands, then laver. I advise that you use a bubble net to increase the volume of foam to the best possible capacity. Furthermore, using a non-abrasive face washing brush will again aid the amount of foam you can produce; in addition to aiding the baking powder particles to rigorously move in and out of your pores to remove traces of sebum, dirt etc. The cleanser’s scent isn’t unpleasant, nor does it seem that the cleanser has any added perfumes or anything of that nature to artificially have an influence on it’s aroma. Simply to say, it just smells of baking powder.

To sum up this product I’d describe it as above average, plus fairly good considering it’s small price. It may not be able to compete with the likes of today’s favourable foam cleansers (e.g. the Mizon Snail repairing foam cleanser, Neogen real Cica Micellar Cleansing foam, Etude House Soon Jung pH 6.5 whip cleanser or the Klairs rich moist foaming cleanser), although for a baking powder based skincare item it can be used daily without the fear of dehydrating skin or over exfoliation.

I have used similar products to this before, some of them which contain too many particles which resulted in my skin becoming irritated and feeling sunken in. I can assure you, that if you have oily/combination hyper sensitive skin that I haven’t experienced any negative symptoms from using it. However, I think if you do not treat your skin with double cleansing (i.e. utilising a cleaning oil or micellar water before going in with the cleansing foam) or you don’t moisturise regularly enough, then yes, inevitably a foam cleanser with or without baking powder is bound to result in skin issues.

Concluding rating: 7/10.


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