[Review]: Dewytree Fitness Deep Mask 🌿💜

The majority of sheet masks available are created with the intention to provide intense hydration or at least restore moisture back into skin from the surface layer through to the Epidermis: this can be achieved with a mutlitude of specialist indregients which make up the ampoule in which a sheet mask is drenched in; at times this includes the usage of specific natural extracts (e.g. Green tea, Cica flower, Rose water, Citrus, so on and so forth). Thesedays it is increasingly becoming more common among the Skincare market, to find sheet masks which have different functions; by this I don’t just mean acne fighting, brightening or replenishing properties. The Dewytree Fitness Deep Mask for instance exfoliates skin whilst simultaneously hydrating it.

The key substance within these masks are Enzymes. If you learnt at least one thing from your secondary school Biology/Chemistry lessons, is that Enzymes are activite protein cells which aid the speed in which a process takes place (i.e. they are catalysts in a reaction). We naturally have Enzymes in our bodies, for example in our salivia for breaking down sugars and helping the digestion of startch. The Enzymes contained within skincare, including the mask I’m reviewing, exfoliate skin without the use of Acids; thus making this formulation suitable for those with sensitive skin or those who are simply conscious of the chemicals they use on their bodies.

The Fitness Deep mask in particular claims to contain ‘Green Enzymes’; by this I assume they are refering to it’s sources from Nature, Papain and Beramot to be extact. The back of the packaging states the following:

“Fitness Deep Mask containing papain enzyme that helps to exfoliate and improves absorptive power of mask essence and Beramot that presents vitalizing effect for rough and tired skin”.

If I have remembered correctly, this is the first time I have used a sheet mask which has as many abilities as this one, typically a mask pack has two functions at most; therefore from the get-go this mask seemed rather appealing. Before I discuss my personal experience and express any further options of this mask, I’d like to note that I always use the same oil and foam cleansers plus toner before using a sheet mask in which I will review; I firmly believe this will provide a true, fair result.

Upon removing the mask from the packet, my attention was drawn toward the texture of the material in which the mask itself is made from. The packaging doesn’t mention which material is used, at least not evidently in English, however from what I can tell it is a cotton-like material but thinner and more stretchable than cheaper or standard masks belonging to Korean roadshop brands. Due to the movability of the fabric I found it easier to adhere to my face, fitting it to my own face shape and size: a factor which I believe is a win-win situation for everybody.

The essence is a hybrid of a gel and ampoule. It’s thick enough to not allow overly quick absorbtion yet at the same time it is not botheringly tacky or oily. Users are advised to use the masks for 10~20 minutes. I used it for the full amount of time as I had neglected using masks for a week or more, so I wanted to throughly treat and restore my skin’s condition. At the time of removing the mask the material wasn’t totally dried out on the outer side but well absorbed on the underside in contact with my skin. It may seem that I hadn’t used it for long enough, but I always think if the essence of a sheet mask entirely evapotaes to the point when the edges are curling up or the nose ‘flap’ is lifting up, it makes my skin feel uncomfortable from the friction. The Fitness Deep Mask felt snug for start to finish.

Whenever you finish using a sheet mask you should gently pat or massage the excess essence into your skin. As this mask additionally acts as an exfoliant, dead skin cells will roll-up as you deal with the excess product; because of this you will probably only want to use this mask at nighttime or whenever you don’t have to go outside. It would be a waste of product to rinse off your face soon after using the mask just becuase of the flakiness (by common sense you are supposed to wait until morning to rinse your face with water).

To conclude, this mask has now become my all time favourite. My skin was left feeling bouncy but firmer. Most of all I appreciate how it solved the textural issue of my t-zone: No more little bumps! I think it was a steal for 1,400₩ and wouldn’t mind repurchasing it once a week. Aside from the fitness version Dewytree also manufacture 4 other types: Aqua, Whitening, Firming, and AC Control.

💬 Have you ever used Dewytree products, or skincare containing enzymes?


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5 responses to “[Review]: Dewytree Fitness Deep Mask 🌿💜”

  1. So cool that you can see your dead skin cells peeling off. Will totally pick this up if I comd across it! Great review!

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  2. ecbcmanchester avatar

    Ooh I will have to try this it sounds like my skin would really benefit. Thank you for sharing xx

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  3. No I haven’t but I would love to try one day 🙂

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  4. Oh wow, so much goodness in one mask! I love your review, informative and to the point 🧡 now I want to try this ☺️

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  5. This product looks so good and so moisturising!!xx

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