Aneuken Coffee ☕

“A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.” – Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

Along the busy street, among the brightly lit cafés and shops, Aneukan Coffee Café stood out beside others with is soft lighting and spacious interior. The café is divided into two halves: the lengthy main room follows as rustic antique theme where the barista is based, whereas the smaller room’s interior design is comparatively modern with white walls, golden details and curved cobalt blue and bubblegum pink chairs. The juxtaposition was unexpected, but the contrast is idyllic for catering to the different tastes of customers in terms of preferred interior design.

The menu offers coffees and ades typical of independent cafés; all of which are priced fairly. A select few slices of cake and macarons are available to accompany your beverage.

The most obvious features of this café is not the furniture nor the grade of coffee. It’s the collection of trinkets, ornaments, fairy lights and dried flower decorations that are eye catching. Overall, it’s classic ambiance is enticing for couples or small groups of friends to gather for conversation; creating a relaxed environment suitable for relaxation.

My friend and I preferred the dim, yellow lit main room as no tables are next to each other: all set vertically, giving a sense privacy that you don’t get in overcrowded franchises like Starbucks. The music played at a reasonable volume, making it effortless to talk without having to sit too close to one another just to be able to hear clearly.

Its in surroundings like here, that I’m reminded how lovely the simple things are in life. It’s freshing to keep grounded and be reassured that following the paths of individuals we so often see on social media or via other types of media, aren’t always the best ways to experience life and social interaction. Sure, a Nero coffee can be delightful but it’s nice to visit unique places whether we photograph there or not.


💬 Do you have a favourite café that is underated?


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4 responses to “Aneuken Coffee ☕”

  1. […] afternoon together helped us to get to know each other a little better. We took lots of photos in Aneukan Coffee Café & reminisced about the foods we miss back in Europe. I was surprised to hear that Christmas […]


  2. This place looks AWESOME!!

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  3. I love the interior of the cafe and all the dried flowers!
    My favorite cafe in my city is Cafe Korn. They have delicious food and drinks!

    Tales of Belle

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  4. Wow! That is stunning! I don’t have a favorite underrated cafe, but love looking for hidden and small cafes and eateries x

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