[AD-Gifted]: JayJun Cosmetic – Purple Fragrance Mask Review πŸ’œ

Finally, I’m able to do ‘a month of masking’ series starting from today, thanking to brands who have kindly given me their products in return for reviews. So, how will this series work? As with any skincare review I write, I will give my honest opinion along with information regarding that product. This time I will close each review with an update about my skin condition to determine whether or not using sheetmasks everyday is really worth the time and expense. Of course if I have any sheetmask to include that I have purchased myself, I will do so.

A month of masking – Day 1

Yesterday afternoon I attended the ‘Get it beauty con’ located in Gangnam, Seoul (in the Coex Mall). Among the countless skincare, makeup, clothing and pet supplies companies who attended this convention to represent their brands, were JayJun Cosmetic. If you are familiar with Kbeauty and are active on Instagram and other blogs, you may have stumbled upon this brand before as their gel eye patches are increasing in popularity. JayJun manufacture 11 varieties of sheet masks, in addition to an Anti-dust skincare range, sleeping packs, a watery cream etc. Today I will be reviewing the ‘Purple Fragrance’ type mask as this is the first product by JC that I have tried and tested so far.

The Purple Fragrance Mask is sold in a box of ten: each are individually packaged so that a fresh, unopened mask is available per use. Some sites do sell them one-by-one. Each mask contained in it’s pouch contains 25ml of essence. Additional information regarding the type of fabric and it’s thickness gauge are not noted on the packaging, and the product itself isn’t currently on the company’s website; I think this product is possibly a new release and not available for purchase as of yet, hence its absence from their social media pages and their website as I mentioned.

In order to be able to test whether or not a JC mask it genuine or counterfeit, each separate mask has a sticker placed towards the bottom right-hand corner of the lower-side of the packaging. With the use of a magnet, which is supplied in the box, place the magnet behind the sticker (behind the packet) and the ‘JC’ logo will turn from a plain black square, to green and black stripes. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code stuck on the back of the box.

At first I was concerned that these masks were going to be highly concentrated with perfume or something of that nature which could irritate sensible skin. However, to my surprise the scent it not overpowering nor does it seem like the scent is artificial. If we take a look at the product’s ingredient list, we can find several ingredients that contribute to the natural aroma of said masks: ‘Sunflower, Althaea Rose flower, Evening primrose, lemon, Bergamot and Pelargonium (Geranium)’ … so on and so on. All of the flower extracts are high-up in the contents list before any chemicals that aid to formulate the ampoule into a non-excessively thick substance.

During the duration of wear, I immediately noticed how comfortable the fabric was despite being snug. Application was fuss free, and the residue remaining after use wasn’t unpleasant; infact the amount of remaining ampoule on the surface of skin will suitably function as a primer alternative.

I honestly can’t fault this product, and truly hope its accessibility worldwide will become easier to obtain and become further recognised.


My current skin condition: I have no acne nor clearly visable blackheads or dry patches. My skin is oily type, and this is consistent all year round. I have textural issues on my forehead which appeared around a week ago. My skin is well hydrated but irritable due to the mircodust condition in Korea, and Hayfever.


Where to purchase JayJun Cosmetics:

JayJun Korea (available in Korean, English, Cantonese & Japanese).


Yes Style


Disclaimer: The products featured in this blog post were gifted to me in return for a review. Any website links to purchase these products aren’t affiliate links, they are provided purely for the convenience of readers. This is not a sponsored post.


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