Carepeau Royal-bee Apple Caring White Mask Review πŸŽ

A month of masking – Day 3

Today’s mask is from another Korean skincare brand: Carepeau. As the packing doesn’t indicate any descriptions in English, with the exception of the ingredients list, I took to the ‘Shopee’ website where Carepeau products can be found. There I was able to find some brief details relating to the brand…

“We offer the best cosmetics by researching the best ingredients to provide safe and healthy skin care by combining natural extracts and raw extracts with complex extracts”.

So what exactly are these natural, raw and complex extracts? –

🌿Aloe leaf extract,

🍯Royal jelly extract (1,000ppm),

🍎& Malus domestica fruit, i.e. Apples (1,000ppm).

As per usual, water is the first ingredient listed whereas the second half of the list highlights chemicals included for hydration supply and creating a serum-like formula.

I was glad to discover that this mask fits small faces rather well, with minimal creasing and overlapping of excess fabric. It contains plenty of ampoule, enabling you to additionally nourish the skin of your neck, chest etc. The ampoule is rich enough to continue to hydrate skin for an extended period of time without greasiness, plus a reasonable level of tacky residue.

It has a light, somewhat fresh cotton scent. No irritation was caused, however be aware that fragrance has been added to the solution. The only fault that springs to mind is how undifferential it is in comparison to other royal jelly masks even if it contains the uncommon apple extract.

I’d definitely use this product again or be willing to try anything else by this brand, although for the time being it seems as if Carepeau only have two products during this current time. Their other item being the ‘Royal-bee apple caring anti-wrinkle mask’.


Skin condition update: I beginning to think that the small spots on my forehead are moreso health related as opposed to a side effect of a moisturiser sample I used before this ‘month of masking’ series. Nevertheless, it seems like the extra hydration and specialist formulas provided by the sheet masks are aiding and speeding up my skin’s recovery cycle.


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