The Pure Lotus Leaf Mask Review πŸƒ

‘The Pure Lotus’ – “The founder’s mother only drew the lotus flower for over twenty years at the pristine Beophwa temple in the Jeju islands, inspired by the purity and mildness in the valuable plant. Her daughter then launched her own lotus leaf cosmetic line. White lotus extract is the primary ingredient in their products that has powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits”.

A month of masking – Day 5

Key features of The Pure Lotus Leaf Mask πŸƒ:
– Contains natural antioxidants sourced from Lotus leaves picked from Jeju Island,
– has a high polyphenol content for anti-ageing,
– has self-purification properties (the lotus effect),
– enhances skin’s ability to renew itself (turn over cycle).

If you like the effects of hydration mists, for example the Evian face mist in a can, then this more or less gives the same feeling with the exception of it’s longevity being longer lasting and less expensive. What I liked most about this sheet mask is it’s thin watery consistency; of course as a result of it’s lotus leaf/flower ingredients. Usually I find watery skincare frustrating to use and wasteful, as most of the essence ends up dripping down onto your clothes and into your bathroom sink; typically these formulas evaporate/soak into skin too quickly. I much prefer to be able to feel the hydration through until the next day after use at night. However, this Pure Lotus Leaf Mask was a tad less fiddly to remove from it’s packaging; making it a quicker process to place it onto my skin with minimal leakage.

I was able to wear this mask without issues for somewhere around half an hour. The fabric didn’t cause friction when drying, but it did shift easily and I had to lay down so it didn’t slide off my face.

After a little Internet search, I came to realise that this brand is quite widely shread throughout the USA: being available in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Barney’s New York, on the YesStyle website, Peach & Lily and the official The Pure Lotus website for America. They sell at a select few locations in Germany & in the UK can be found at John Lewis.


My current skin condition: At long last, my skin has finally cleared up and back to its usual state, i.e. Sensitive Oily type but manageable. Aside from these sheet masks I’ve tested so far this month, I haven’t used any new products that could have helped improve my sudden breakouts. So, does this mean all the extra hydratation is actually working?


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