Eleven Huesday Face & Neck Sparkling Mask Review ✨

A month of masking – Day 6

Tonight’s sheet mask is totally different from anything I have used before. Here we have the ‘Eleven Huesday face & neck sparkling mask’. The serum is contained within a syringe, with the cotton sheet mask itself being separate to enable a freshly prepared mask at your convenience.

The product aims to smooth-out and firm skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, whether they be on your face or neck. As I’m using this mask as I write this, I can confirm that there is a very prominent tightening sensation to this skin despite not having yet removed the sheet mask. The packaging doesn’t indicate the usage time or how many applications are within the tube: my guess is two applications worth of product with a safe, standard wear time of 10-15 minutes.

Despite all the positives my friend mentioned about this mask, I can see that it had faults at least when used on sensitive skin. I think it’s irritating my face all-over… to be straightforward, my face is burning with a tingling sensation (the uncomfortable sensation started 5 minutes into wear).

I’m not going to bad mouth this brand based on my first & only experience with their products; especially as this negative encounter could simply be because of my hyper-sensitive skin, whereas people with normal skin could swear-by this mask.

I would still like to try some of their other products: they have an array of serums, a ceramide cream, sunscreen, and a balancing toner. The item which has intrigued me the most is their ‘Everyday #11 Antioxidant Aging barrier ultra-deep finest serum’ which contains Collagen for enhancing skins elasticity (- an ingredients we should all incorporate into our skin routines by the time be are agef 25).

I hope a generous application of rose calming gel can soothe this redness and uncomfortableness…


My current skin condition: Well, apart from the obvious bad reaction to this product I don’t have any active spots. Fingers crossed that my skin doesn’t get any short-term side-effects after using this item.


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4 thoughts on “Eleven Huesday Face & Neck Sparkling Mask Review ✨

  1. Ah, my skin is super sensitive, too so this one wouldn’t work for me. The syringe is interesting though. I haven’t seen a mask like this before!


    1. Right, it seems unique. To be honest I’m not sure if my skin’s bad reaction to it was a matter of sensitivity, or if it is just a bad product make from too many chemicals… Anyway, I think I should throw away the remaining amount 🙄

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