Diary #12 – Coffee helps ☕

I’m unsure how to describe the week just past… It’s had it’s highs, then again it’s had it’s lows just as any week for the majority of us. All I know is that coffee helps.

Half of me is sick to death with social media being swarmed by the constant body shaming of others, and the caring for the likes of James Charles, who honestly we shouldn’t have pictured as an innocent angel in the first instance (seriously, when is real news going to take priority?); whereas on the other hand, I stick around on social media (Instagram & Twitter to be exact) because I have met genuinely supportive people as of recent in regards to appreciating whichever I ramble on about. Its in times like this that I reflect on how much time I spend on said sns, and reach for coffee and a book as an alternative means of entertainment.

I have begun reading Oscar Wilde’s ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’, though the neglect of reading play scripts has taken its toll on my vocabulary memory bank: if there is such a thing. I’m getting through it in short sections at a time. I think reading at least 8-10 pages a day is better than not reading anything at all and hopefully will get me back into the swing of things.

I spent even more time than usual in cafés this week, not always for the purpose of relaxing, although my friend and I stumbled upon a small café among a never-ending street of closed pubs, Korean bbq restaurants and motels which serve those who prefer the night life. The interior design was simplistic, with only one other customer present who sat reading a book at the table closest to the window with a sleeping grey-furred cat currled up in her bed also placed near the wall-length window.

Iced Mocha

To be truthful, I’ve slacked on cooking during the last four or so days. I’ve eaten out a few times in addition to a few visits to the convenience store for a cheap easy meal of instant ramen with kimbab. This week I plan to make cold pasta in bulk, using mayonaise and fresh salad vegetables as encouraged by Pinterest.

Cheese Tteokbokki for Saturday’s lunch

An iced Americano + a half regular, half blueberry bagel with Walnut cream cheese spread for Sunday’s lunch.
with beautyaddict_ro (she is an Instagram beauty blogger).

Haru & Aki are healthy & sleeping alot as always.

I hope my mood is uplifted again as the week progresses onward. For now, I will try to use this time to catch up on blog posts and reading. Until then, I wish you all a great start to this week ~


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12 thoughts on “Diary #12 – Coffee helps ☕

  1. I feel like this week there has been so much negativity in the world, everything seems quite dark. So I have a coffee in hand as I read this! I hope you have something lovely happen today xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🧡
      Let’s hope next week there’s less of a grey cloud hovering around us. Wish your day will go smoothly, and that the weekend arrives as quickly as possible x


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