Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask (Camellia) Review 🏵️

A month of masking – Day 8

Etude face masks are usually the first we put to the test when we initially encounter the Kbeauty industry. Somehow, it wasn’t until recently that I tried one of their masks. I thought instead of reviewing a common or popular version (e.g. Green tea, tea tree, ceramide, aloe vera, etc) I selected ‘Camellia’, which is an ingredient not as widely used in skincare.

Key information:
🏵️ Aims to lift skin & promote radiance,
🏵️ it’s a thin/lightweight low-irritant mask with a thickness gauge of 0.2mm/2000ppm,
🏵️ additionally contains Adenosine for improving skin’s elasticity,
🏵️ mild enough to be used daily,
🏵️ is bathed in 20ml worth of essence.

Due to the fact that it’s paper-thin, it dried very quickly making it suitable for speedy daytime use before makeup and sunscreen application. I used it before wearing a dewy foundation, and was glad to find that the sheet mask’s essence didn’t disturb the placement of the foundation.

It adhered well to skin despite the incorrect sizing, however I’m not overly keen in the type of fabric used: then again I’m not to bothered about this as the quality of the mask is quite reasonable considering it only cost 1,000₩ (£0.68p/$0.84/€0.75)!

Usually I’m not too bothered about whether a sheetmask smells nice or not, but in this case I do appreciate the nice light floral scent with a hint of fruitiness from the lemon & mandarin extracts.

There’s not too much I can say about this sheet mask. It’s not one of those ‘wow’ products that enables you to ramble on-and-on about why you like it so much. Simply to state, it is ideal for everyday use and very affordable.

💬 Have you tried any mask from this range? If so, which type/s can you recommend?


Skin condition update: My skin has become alot bouncier since the first day of this challenge. As long as my skin condition doesn’t regress, I’m starting to feel like sheet masks aren’t a gimmick after all.


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