[AD-Gifted]: Miss Yong Wasabi Nude Mask Review πŸ’š

A month of masking – Day 7

Here we have the Miss Yong Wasabi Nude Mask which is featured on numberous popular kbeauty shopping websites; including Facetory.

Aside from the pretty packaging, what does the sheet mask have to offer? :

πŸ’š It contains 7 tropical fruit extracts including Wasabi, Tanaca/Thanaca (- a paste made from bark, which is often used in Myanmar culture), pineapple, mango, papaya, etc,

πŸ’š the fabric has air-holes to aid quick absorbtion of the hydrating essence,

πŸ’š designed to be a quick use mask shortening the typical 15~20 minutes usage down to just 10 minutes,

πŸ’š 30g of essence is used in each mask pack.

The essence can be described as a thin gel that soaks into the surface of skin quickly, similarly to Aloe or Rose Gels. It has a light herbal fragrance, that isn’t too potent: mild like green tea. As the material is super thin, and therefore delicate, upon removal from it’s packaging you will notice that the mask is double-sided. One size, i.e. the thicker sheet with a semi-circle cut out near where your chin is, is a supporter for making application simpler: remove this once the mask is comfortably on your face in the correct position.

From my experience, I didn’t feel like 10 minutes was enough time for my skin to entirely absorb all the moisture, so I wore it for the full possible 20 minutes as highlighted on the back of the packet. However upon reading other reviews, and when consulting my friend about her opinion of the product, they said it can easily be used as a speedy 10 minute morning mask; which is great considering it contains 30g of ampoule.

For those who are wondering, there is no detectable scent or ‘burning’ sensation associable with Wasabi.

I have other Miss Yong, & it’s sister brand named ComoBeaute, sheet masks to share with you in due course.


Skin condition update: Fortunately, my skin remains free from any bothering skin troubles and I’m delighted to not have experienced any negative outcome from using sheetmasks this consistently.

πŸ’¬ Have you tried a Wasabi skincare product before?


Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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