[AD-Gifted]: JayJun Cosmetic Real Water Brightening Black Mask Review 🖤

A month of masking – Day 9

I think I just discovered a new addition to my top 5 favourite sheet masks, thanking to this ‘JayJun Cosmetic Real Water Brightening Black Mask’. This 3-step mask begins with a cleansing foam before moving onto a sachet containing a vitamin essence, with the last step of course being the sheet mask itself.

🧡 Hydrating ingredients include Castor oil, sea water & with Ceramide 3 for maintaining skin’s barrier whilst retaining moisture.
🧡 Has healing and brightening properties (vitamin B3 & minerals sourced from Jeju Island).
🧡 Free from sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, coal tar, formaldehyde-releasers, dye, parabens, triclosan, peg, silicones, tea, talc, mineral oil, & sulfates.

If you enjoy a mask which you can use for a little longer than the average, then you’d probably be interested in this one; due to having two types of essence to absorb into your skin (i.e. provided by step 1, the vitamin essence as well as step 2, the actual sheet mask).

The velvety texture of the fabric is comfortable & will fit medium sized faces best. If you have used a black bubble sheet mask before, the material more or less is identical. My skin stayed smooth & hydrated all day long, so much so that I didn’t necessarily need to use another sheet mask the following evening.

I think if you want to invest in some middle-range priced sheet masks, this is good value for money considering it doesn’t just consist of one product. Then again some would say its not essential to have included the extra steps in the pack, as most people will already have some form of a cleanser and rich essence/serum within their skincare routine.

For reference, a pack of 3 on some sites will set you back around £15/$19.15/€17.15. Basically around £5/$6.38/€5.71 per sheet mask: hence why I class this as a mid-range skincare item.


My current skin condition: I’m relieved that my skin is still looking possibly more radiant that it’s ever looked… Well, I guess nothing beats youthful baby skin, but you get my drift.


Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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