Be Your Own Hype Man.

Gladly, I think we can all say that the discussion of Mental Health is more acceptable and widely spread than say around 5+ years ago. A large part of promoting a positive mindset, whether it be for yourself or others, is surrounding yourself with good or trustworthy people who you can vent to in times of need. On the other hand, we chant ‘love yourself’ like a mantra, as sadly we have to be reminded to do so. But what about when others really can’t be there for us? – We all have our roles and responsibilities that can become a priority over our relationships without avoidance; so in some instances no one can stay by your side when you’ve fallen. For some it’s quite the opposite: we have someone to rely on, yet they aren’t as supportive as you wish they would be…This is when you need to learn to be your own hype man/hype woman.

Got a new job? – Celebrate that.

Finished your coursework? – Reward yourself.

Managed to lose or gain weight as you wanted? – Be proud.

Got out of bed when you felt depressed? – Be pleased with yourself.

Learnt a new skill? – Show it off!

I too need to praise myself more, because the reality is that for a fraction of your life, whether it be the odd day here or there or for months on end, others will be focusing on their own achievements and can’t always commend you for yours.

The absence of others doesn’t mean your achievements should go uncelebrated.

This week I’ve done my best to keep this motto in mind, being my own hype man. For the first time I had to review/advertise a skincare product via video. Usually I’m more comfortable being behind the camera without myself being visable; however I did what I used to think was weird… I kept reassuring myself with the phrase: ‘you can do this’. Unsurprisingly, I had approximately 50 outtakes in my camera roll bin, but I didn’t back out of completely the task simply due to feeling unconfident, coy and embarrassed. As small as this step may be, I’m delighted that I managed to overcome the metaphorical barrier that once used to hinder me from experiencing new things.

Remember praising yourself can result in receiving a physical reward, perhaps buying yourself a nice meal or new book to read. Alternatively it could be something as simple as going to sleep early/having a lay-in or taking an hour out of your day to catch up on you favourite TV show.

My treat this week was lunch out with a friend.

Whatever you desire, you deserve it.

You got this!

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  1. says:

    Aw I love the idea of being your own hype man and something that I have found myself doing more of recently which is great!!! Thanks for sharing this motivating post!

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    1. Pleased to hear you appreciated it. Hope to hear from you soon ~


  2. Great message. Thanks 😍

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  3. Thank you for sharing! I learned this lesson several years ago and it is an amazing feeling!! I have found that when I love me it is harder for others to interrupt my zen!

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    1. I aim to continue this approach for equally as long as you have, and onwards further.

      You have given me more courage. Thank you.


  4. Beautiful post!!! I love the idea of being your own hype person; I decided to be for the last couple of years, and it turns out, I have never been happier! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully anyone who else who reads this post will come across your comment too, and feel further encouraged!

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  5. NatashaMarie says:

    Definitely need to be your own hype person, no one else understands the level of commitment our successes require. Thank you for sharing 💜

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    1. I hope next week you can begin to live with this approach in mind.

      Hope to hear from you soon ~

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  6. Syeda Saher says:

    I have seen so many people struggle with the idea of self love and self appreciation. I knoemw women who can’t even recieve a compliment because that’s how low they are on self confidence and self esteem. The suggestions you are making about treating yourself are great but can only be practiced after working on self esteem.

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    1. Of course. From first hand experience, I know its not that simple and absolutely self-esteem is part for what i was trying to encourage people to work on. Maybe I didn’t explain well enough…

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  7. Laura says:

    I need a treat today. Thx for reminding me 😉

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    1. YES! Please treat yourself to something, big or small 🙂


  8. ashok says:

    Oh yes, thank you 😊 got it 😊🤗
    I love people but I love myself a little more and I celebrate life 🍷🍷🍷

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  9. fanuel says:

    Beautiful and positive article.
    I love the part of rewarding yourself for your achievements: so important to acknowledge them and enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with trying new things and succeeding.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad you appreciated it, especially as its a little different from what I would usually write.

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  10. Hannah Read says:

    Well done on achieving that! I’m still not comfortable in front of the camera but I’m working on it. Also working on praising myself – I’ve found what really helps is something me and my partner do every night before sleep – we have a sort of verbal diary where we go over what we are grateful for and so on but one thing we always include is something we thought we did really well. It’s taught me to really think about myself and my actions and has helped me feel more confident within myself!

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    1. Oh, I’ve never heard of that strategy before. Thanks for mentioning it, I might give it a go myself even if I live alone and don’t necessarily have some to verbally relay what I was grateful for during a given day (I could just write it down, or think to myself in the peace and quiet). Also, it seems like a good way of maintaining trust, establishing encouragement and simply feeling like you have someone to listen to you which isn’t always a given in a relationship.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Hannah Read says:

        You’re supposed to do it written, so that would work really well! Verbal was just the only way I could encourage my partner to do it for his mental health 😊

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