Skin’s Boni Yogurt Mask Pack Review.

A month of masking – Day 10

Time to take a break with some Yoghurt 😋

So today’s mask, the ‘Skin’s Boni Yoghurt Mask Pack’ to be exact, may spark some interest among those who have dry~very dry skin. I particularly recommend this sheet mask to men who have flaky, irritated skin caused by frequent shaving and may have neglected utilising an aftershave or a soothing moisturiser along those lines.

🥛Its packed with plenty of lactobacillus, a like probiotic drinking yoghurts that aid healthy digestion. In the case of this mask, the good bacteria contains lactic acid for gentle exfoliation and high levels of hydration.
🥛Should be worn for 20~30 minutes.
🥛Contains 25ml of serum.
🥛Lightweight, stretchy fabric making it suitable for diverse face shapes & sizes.
🥛Has a fruity Yoghurt scent.

This certainly is only a nighttime mask, as alot of sticky residue will remain and needs overnight to be absorbed fully; leaving you with glowy skin by morning time. To be truthful the amount of tackiness was bothersome while I was sleeping: my pillowcase was dampened and my hair certainly couldn’t go without a wash as it too had undergone a pamper session with the extra serum.

During the initial period of the mask’s release in Korea, it was sold out everywhere and lead to the manufacturing of comparable products including milkshake themed sheet masks, yoghurt flavoured jelly sweets etc. Nowadays, ‘Skin’s Bori’ produce wash-off versions of the featured sheet mask… but, I wouldn’t say they’re immensely favourable to the same standard.


Skin condition update: A few small spots have made an appearance around my chin area, but I have determined that this is result of my digestive system rather than at fault of a sheet mask I have reviewed to date. I wish the scent of sheet mask residue could’ve detered the mosquito that decided to attack my face last night…


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  1. heyhunnyy says:

    this is so adorable!!!

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  2. Hannah Read says:

    Thanks for the review – how long did your skin seem improved for?


    1. For around 2 days my skin stayed smooth and I didn’t necessarily have to use a moisturiser during that time because the mask’s serum was so rich.

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