[AD-Gifted]: Thank You Farmer – Back to Iceland Cleansing Water Review ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ

I have been using this ‘Thank You Farmer – Back to Iceland Cleansing Water’ for almost a week, and can finally introduce it to you with a little description & review.

Key Ingredients

Papain (Papaya Enzymes) for moisture & gentle exfoliation without solid particles.

Icelandic Moss provides nutrients which protect skin from common environmental factors.

Strawberry seed extract supplies Vitamin C.

Lemon grass extract soothes skin, giving a radiant glow.

Winter Green extract also aids exfoliation.

Peppermint has been added for a slight cooling effect.

Witch Hazel is included for pore, and blemish care.

It’s “a no-rinse cleansing water with 83 percent of Iceland moss extract that removes makeup and impurities without tightness or dryness”. When kindly gifted this at ‘Get it beauty con’,
the brand representative informed me of the product’s hydrating properties. Due to the high concentration of Moss extract, it’s not essential to use a cleansing oil or foam after utilising this specially formulated water.

I was concerned that it would have a potent herbal/plant-like scent, however I believe that the Peppermint & Witch Hazel infusion has contributed to its gentle aroma and non-irritant ability. Knowing that frangrance is the last ingredient in the formulation also provided some reassurance that this water should match well with sensitive skin.

It’s best to apply this product similarly to how you would use a micellar water; i.e. with a cotton pad, however I’m interested to see if a non-disposal material (e.g. a face Halo pad) would also be equally as suitable.

I only had to drench one, 3-ply cotton pad with the cleansing water in order to remove all visible traces of makeup. By this stage, towards the end of the day, my concealer had become flaky and dry in harder to reach areas (undereyes & in the creases of my nose); however this didn’t hinder the cleansing water from effortly “grasping” makeup particles or other impurities. I didn’t need to abrasively, nor repeatedly wipe my face with the cotton pad to ensure the water was fulfilling it’s purpose.

One important note I’d like to make, which contradicts what the brand representative stated, is that I did find that I still had to use a second step cleanser and moisturiser. I used a foam cleanser, not because there were visable makeup streaks, moreso because I couldn’t be sure if it has the ability to cleanse deeper into pores. My skin certainly didn’t feel striped of it’s natural oils, so only a light watery moisturiser was needed to end my skin routine.

Frankly speaking, I would happily repurchase it with my own money and can say it’s comparable to the popular variations of Garnier Micellar Water.


Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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6 responses to “[AD-Gifted]: Thank You Farmer – Back to Iceland Cleansing Water Review ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ”

  1. I always feel I need to do a second cleanse & moisturizer after using waters & toners, too! The ingredients in this sound lovely, wow.


    1. Of course it contains the typical ingredients needed to actually remove makeup, but nothing harsh. I will say that a separate cleansing water would be needed for removing eye makeup.


  2. Omg all the ingredients sound sooo good! Almost too good to be true lol.
    Glad this product worked for you. I tend to double cleanse after using these products when wearing makeup. I just want to be sure my face is cleansed. I bet you can actually get away with not double cleansing if you’re not wearing makeup that day. I’ve done it before.
    Anyway this product sounds so good I would love to try it.

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  3. This sounds so good with lots of natural ingredients! Itโ€™s great that itโ€™s not harsh and can remove make up without having to scrub so hard, which I find can be the case with some products x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Plus, I didn’t have to waste more than one cotton pad. Still I’m hoping biodegradable cotton pads become available soon, I’ve seen makeup wipe versions but not cotton pads unfortunately.

      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This sounds like a really interesting product that I would love to try, all the benefits it claims to have sound really great and I love that most of the ingredients are natural. Great review! X

    Liked by 1 person

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