[AD-Gifted]: ComoBeaute Secret Nude Intense Moisturising Care Sheet Mask Review.

A month of masking – Day 12

I’ve been waiting a while now to be able to use this sheet mask, as I had others I needed to review before this one. I think I had excitedly anticipated using it, because the front of the packet is partially transparent; so I could see the generous amount of essence flowing around inside. Can you tell I like sheet masks a little too much?

So, this is one of four ‘ComoBeaute Secret Nude Sheet Masks’ available: the ‘Intense Moisturising Care’ version to be exact. For those who don’t know, ‘ComoBeaute’ are also the makers of the ‘Miss Yong’ brand which I reviewed recently.

Some ingredients that stand out are:

Shea butter, Olive, Rosemary, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia, licorice, Mandarin, Bergamot, sage, & ceramide NP.

The essence is watery, lightweight, not overly sticky considering its intended to provide rich hydration, and the fabric is very soft so it doesn’t become tight or cause friction when drying.Usually I dislike watery masks, because you have to lay down while wearing them; however I can excuse this fault in this particular case, as the essence feels really nice during and after usage. I can’t wait to try the others in this range.

Once again, alike the Miss Yong collection, this sheet mask has a supporter sheet stuck to actual sheet mask: it should be used to help aid adherence, and then be removed directly after so just the thinnest layer remains in your face during the 10~20 minute period.

Considering it contained 25ml of essence, my skin absorbed almost all of it around the 15 minute mark. My skin was certainly not dry, so I think the fabric (which was like having another layer of skin) enabled a speedy process.I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s in my top 5 favourite sheet masks of all time, but I would happily purchase it as a staple piece in my skincare routine.


Skin condition update: It doesn’t seem as if sheet mask essence greatly benefits facial insect bites. Of course extra hydration is essential for skin to heal itself, just seemingly not in this case. Aside from that my skin is almost to the point where I want it to be, and I don’t have much to complain about as I don’t have acne or any other common skin complications.


Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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