[Ad-Gifted]: Glowhill Total Solution Glow Ampoule Pads (review) ✨

Ampoule pads: Have you used them before? To tell the truth I didn’t know they existed until I received these Glowhill Total Solution Glow Ampoule Pads. If you seek youthful, glowing, glossy skin that’s achieved through the use of skincare rather than layering uncomfortable makeup products that aim to provide the same look, then I can say you’d appreciate these quick use Ampoule pads which can reduce how long your skin routine takes in the morning.

– Should be used once per day.

– Using them for just a week straight can improve skin’s texture, including elasticity, due to it walnut oil & squalene infusion.

– Ideally should be used directly after cleansing and before the use of any moisturisers or lotions.

– Can be used for face, neck, heels and dry elbows as long as the area doesn’t have open wounds or major skin issues.

Even under a semi-matte foundation/BB cream your skin will look radiant; and overall healthy. If you have combination~oily skin, try not to wear thick base makeup whenever these pads are used (for obvious reasons); although I must say the Ampoule isn’t annoyingly sticky. It’s rich enough without being too moist.

I must say that I don’t think people with nut allegies should use this due to the concentration of Walnut oil which I mentioned earlier. Alike with the recent Kylie Skin Walnut Scrub debate, everyone was focusing on how the bark-like texture of walnut shells can cause microdermabrasions; when in actual fact the real issue is about using allergens in skincare. In relation to these Ampoule pads I think many will state that the issue is their high price and how cotton pads have a negative impact on the environment; whereas I’m more focused on the use of walnut oil and squalene.

Some would rightly so argue that people with nut allergies or intolerances shouldn’t use cosmetics that clearly state they contain nuts or nut oils, although instead of more or less blaming people with nut allergies for their complaints on the subject, we are ignoring the matter of inclusiveness or the lack of it.

Squalene is greatly controversial. Its a compound sourced from Shark-liver oil. However, its important to acknowledge that thesedays a plant based version of Squalene is produced from vegetable oils, wheat, bran and types of rice. Of course from the ingredient list it doesn’t state which variation of Squalene is used, so I don’t want to mislead you into believing this is a cruelty-free skincare item if that isn’t factual.

Overall my skin felt like it had truly benefited from the rich hydration. I just can’t see how it’s any better than using a bottle of Ampoule with a pipette.


Disclaimer: The product feaured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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