[Ad-Gifted]: Glowhill Glow Masks (Review) ✨

For today’s skincare review, we have the Glowhill Xenoverse Black Glow Mask & Aurora White Hole Glow mask; which I’m sure is something you glitter & space theme lovers will want to try!

Both are 15~20 minute (- as long as you don’t apply an overly thick layer) peel-off masks, yet each have a different function: the black mask “contains tourmaline & charcoal to remove skin waste and keep skin smooth (pore tightening)”, whereas the white version with it’s “diamond & pearls” make skin “radiant and clear” (whitening/brightening).

After using the Xenoverse Black glow mask/제노버스 블랙 글로우 마스크, the texture of my skin was evened-out with a visable reduction in blackheads on my nose, forehead and chin areas. Considering it contains charcoal, typically a sebum absorbing ingredient, my skin wasn’t left feeling dehydrated but rather softened and of course equally smoothed out in texture.

The Aurora White Hole Glow Mask/오로라 화이트홀 글로우 마스크 is my favourite between the two. I was pleasantly suprised and satisfied with how soft it made my skin feel without any residue but was able to remove unwanted traces of oil alike the black version, regardless of not containing the same key ingredients.

Some glitter does indeed stick to skin (both on face and hands) once the masks have been peeled off; which to some could be considered as bothering as its hard to remove, sporadically placed rather than giving an even glow, and most frustrating of all it can get all over your hand towel. If it gets stuck to your bathroom sink, it will wash away simply with warm/hot water; no cleaning products needed.

I don’t think the fact that the mask is somewhat messy as a big enough issue to not use it. Besides peel of masks are typically hard to control and the Glowhill spatula actually made it easier to apply that when I used a cheaper, lower quality silicone spatula with the same product.

I think its important to state that the scent is very strong and comparable to nail vanish remover. Still, my hyper sensitive skill didn’t break out due to the alcohol content of these masks. I think as this is just a product to use occasionally instead of daily, it’s ok to be using a more powerful product on my skin as its just once in a while. I’ll definitely continue to use these masks a couple of times per week for maintaining my skin’s even texture.


Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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  1. Omg I need that black glow mask, it looks gorgeous and I love charcoal products! Fab post!

    Jess x http://www.jessistrying.co.uk

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