[AD-Gifted]: Glowhill Glam Glow Make Up Facial Mask Review ✨

I tried two of the Glowhill Glam Make Up Facial Masks/글램 골드 메이크업 페이셜 마스크 a little while back. These masks are available in two versions: gold and pink. What makes these masks unique is that they functions as a pearlescent makeup base/’tone up’, giving skin a radiant glow perfect for achieving a glossy makeup finish.

“Gold tone radiant ‘tone up’ containing gold and diamond. New concept makeup base mask that makes the skin tone more healthy and lively with delicate gold colour pearl”.

“Pink tone radiant ‘tone up’ containing pearl, Ruby and calamine powder. New concept real make up base mask that makes skin tone more bright and glamorous with delicate pink colour pearl”.

– information provided by the product description card.

✨ Made from Tencel fabric (100% natural fibers sourced from Eucalyptus tree extract).

✨ Both versions contain Amethyst, Amber & Diamond powders to create the essence’s luminosity.

✨ Both types claim to brighten skin with the use of Ascorbic acid; whereas Glutathione acts as an agent for easing skin concerns plus anti-wrinkle effects.

✨ Milk protein extract makes the essence slightly milky and not overly sticky.

✨ Should be worn for 10~20 minutes (non-rinse).

I like how it can illuminate skin, thus making it an ideal replacement for greasy silicone based primers that give a similar visual effect. It has a light fresh fragrance similar to baby wipes or a classic creamy bubble bath/soap (most of you will probably know what I’m trying to describe). Personally I prefer the pink type as the pigment is a little more subtle and compliments my skintone slightly better. If you are familiar with VDL Lumilayer Primers, these sheet masks give a fairly similar effect to those despite the differences in viscosity.

As long as you have time to use this new-style product before makeup application, then it’s worth having them at hand. Then again arguably for the same price or less as a box of 10 of these masks, you could get around 30ml of tone up cream or a ‘glittery’/pearlescent makeup base in a pump bottle which would provide numerous more applications; thus being comparatively economical.

I wouldn’t suggest using this as a product to use on its own: by this I mean without placing a foundation, BB/CC cream or concealer over the top of it. Essentially, the masks can be best described as a Primer and therefore without wearing making in addition to it, seem pretty pointless and wasteful. Plus sporting the Primer alone, particularly the gold essence, brings the risk of resembling a toned down version of ‘Golddust’ (- he was an American wrestler for anyone who was born after 1999… *laughs hysterically to ignore the fact that she is now in her mid-twenties and starting to feel outdated with current celebrities to use as an example*).


Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted in return for an honest review.


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