d’Alba Skincare Review

The skincare brand d’Alba initially derived from a Italian sanctuary of the same name: specialising in the cultivation of white truffles, also known as ‘diamonds in the ground’. White truffles’ purpose is to infuse skincare with it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties; i.e. Enzymes known as ‘Superoxide Dismutase’. White truffle further holds Vitamins C & B12 which targethyperpigmentation, whereas B3 plus B6 focus on repairing skin damage and common skin imperfections including persistent blemishes. Due to white truffles’ benefits, the majority of d’Alba Skincare products are centred around this natural ingredient.

In order to fairly review d’Alba, I have three products with diverse intentions. This review features the ‘first spray serum’, the ‘fantastic waterfull mask pack’ (- another spray) and the ‘white truffle intense ampoule’: all of which I have been using consistently for a week, twice per day.

First Serum Spray

This mist type serum doesn’t contain surfactants, thus creating the double layer effect of the formula (the upper layer containing oils, and the lower layer being water based). Before each use the bottle should be gently shaken a few times to fuse together the oil and water layers. Among the ingredients are sunflower oil, avocado extracts and chia seed extracts; these are all known for their hydrating benefits but additionally make the spray serum suitable for all skin types, yet especially ideal for those with problematic or sensitive skin without the fear of the oils clogging pores (non-comedogenic). More or less this serum spray aims to renergise skin, whether it be used at the start of a day or throughout the day when your skin requires a refresh .

From my experience I especially appreciated the spray’s light herbal scent: basil and a hint of peppermint are certainly noticable. Before usage I worried that the oils within the product would disturb my sensitive oily skin, yet I was suprised to feel as if the spray helped to avoid as much sebum production that usual takes place over the course of a day. I can confidently state that I think this product is ideal for combination~oily skintypes, even moreso than dry and normal skin types, as a way of deeply hydrating ‘inner’ skin whilst controlling the amount natural oils our skin produces.

Fantastic Waterfull Mask Pack

This d’Alba ‘fantastic waterfull mask pack’ aims to provide the same effects of universally popular sheet masks and wash-off packs without the mess, fuss or wasteful cotton sheets/pads. It can be used in a multitude of ways: either simply as a mist that you spray onto your face and leave on for 10~15 minutes before carefully patting it into your skin, or can be rinsed off to leave skin feeling supple by morning time or throughout the duration of a day. It can tighten pores after taking a shower or be used similarly to a sleeping mask.

From my experience so far, I truly like how fine the mist is with its unique nozzle that feels like its spritzing vertically rather than outward width-ways; meaning you can focus where you spray it rather than losing product into the air or dampening areas that aren’t your skin. I definitely think after just one use my skin had retained more moisture than compared to the use of typical mineral water based mists. If you want to save yourself extra time by allowing the mist to soak into your skin while you take a shower or brush your teeth, you can do so minus the issue of it trickling down your face or evaporating into thin-air.

White Truffle Intense Ampoule

The entire purpose of this ampoule is to improve skin’s elasticity for minimising the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines; as well as soothing sensitive skin achieved via water and oil balance. Aside from being intrigued by the inclusion of white western truffle, caviar plays the role of deep nourishment. Fast moisture retention with the absence of stickiness is most appealing.

This ampoule has improved my skin texture dramatically within such a short space of time. One of my main skin concerns was uneven texture, with small bumps clustering my chin and forehead. Since using this ampoule my skin has smoothed out some much so that my makeup lays better and I don’t feel the need to use as much moisturiser as previous. It smells like oranges, reminding me of Autumn.

Overall, I can’t find any faults with the featured products. I’m starting to see that my skin looks more radiant and in good condition enough to be able to go makeup-free for some of this summer; which is absolutely relieving in the current humid climate of Korea.


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