Diary 14 – Now it’s Summer.

It has exceeded more than a month since I wrote a diary entry… Now its Summer. Not a lot has changed in my life since my last update, but just because nothing has moved forward in my life, time being the only thing to progress, I don’t think things are going poorly nor something to be concerned about. I guess I can say I’m comfortable for the time being.

The sweltering humidity in Incheon has been playing havoc on my mood, yet it hasn’t deterred me from continuing to get out more: as I stated would be my goal for this year. There’s been many luncheon opportunities to explore traditional Korean cuisine, with the odd occasion to indulge in my favourite Western-Asian fusion dishes from time to time and several afternoon café visits.

First time trying 치즈알밥 – cheese & roe over rice. It was so delicious even if I’m fussy for fish dishes.
Bulgogi Bibimbap – A beef, vegetables & rice dishe that is mixed with egg & Gochujang (korean chilli paste).
Black sugar milk tea & Matcha milk tea (Malcha) from a franchise bubbletea café named Crownie

Black sugared drinks are widely popular thesedays. I love the taste, but still prefer an iced vanilla latte.

This café situated in Bupyeong (Incheon), is themed around antique furniture & crockery. They specialise in Dutch Coffee.

Baring in mind that I’ve maintained, in some shape or form, a little weekly routine for myself without necessarily any new encounters I don’t have to much to say that I haven’t covered already in my previous diary entries. So, with a simple read being the aim I’m going to natter about some of my favourite things as of recent.


A group of lads that have never failed to make me smile or laugh is the Sidemen: originally a group of British gamers who’d play online together in GTA. Since then their random antics have been a reminder not to take life so seriously sometimes. I can respect that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, with the majority of their audience being male and favored by preteens; however for those who have grown up watching members of the British YouTube community, watching their videos takes the edge-off at the end of a week. The same goes for TBF Bro content: they’re controversial at times, with one of the duo nearly dying by cementing his head inside a microwave, but I’m quite sure if we could also make a living by messing around with our best friend we would do so too. As for slightly more ‘sensible’ YouTube viewing, ‘The Happy Hour Podcast’ is a great giggle especially with their ‘perfect meal deal’ episode as well as covering some in-depth topics with certain guests.


Sheetmasks – I wasn’t keen on using them after my ‘a month of masking’ series failed, causing more harm than benefits a few months back. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot about what skincare is good for me and which ingredients to avoid; therefore making it simpler for me when purchasing sheetmasks to treat my skin in this heat, or for when working with cosmetic brands. So, here are a few which I tried and would recommend to anyone with a similar skin type (oily hypersensitive):

  • The Pure Lotus – Lotus leaf mask (a two step treatment).
  • Dr G – R.E.D blemish cool soothing mask.
  • Real Barrier – Aqua soothing ampoule mask.
  • BoH – Madecassoside Air Jet daily mask.
  • Mediheal – Paper Mulberry 4D white mask.


Honestly, I’ve slacked on the cooking this Summer… Not out of laziness, I think my regular readers know that I throughly enjoy cooking. Simply it’s been too hot to have the stove on for more than 10 minutes at a time, so perfecting a scrumptious hearty meal will be put off until next month during Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) when it will be a tad cooler for returning to my hobby. Regardless, I did make an attempt at putting together a standard Omurice; combining some rice, spam, diced white onion, seasoning and Japanese-style curry sauce as per usual.

Well, I believe that’s everything up-to-date. It was a while ago now, but I think I may have forgotten to thank everyone new and old to my blog for helping me to finally surpass 1000 readers here on WordPress. I expressed my gratitude on Twitter, yet I was a wee bit absent from here to be able to say so here too. Thank you again. Yippee!!


Contact details & links:

E-mail – emmamoseley0@googlemail.com



11 thoughts on “Diary 14 – Now it’s Summer.

  1. Mmm, all of the food & drinks look delish & I love your style! I hope the weather cools down & you can cook again soon. ♡ Congrats on 1000+ readers!! Lovely to read this update from you. 🙂

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