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Today’s skincare review is based on a Tea Tree infused skincare line by the Korean brand named ‘Naturekind’. I want to cover as many details about these products as possible, so I’m prewarning you that this may be a lengthy post compared to usual; therefore feel free to skip through sections as you please.

Tea tree roll-on oil

Whether we suffer from acne or get the odd spot/pimple from time to time, we all have in common the search for an affordable and simplistic remedy for tackling skin imperfections.

This Tea Tree Roll-on oil helps you to target trouble areas of your skin: reducing inflammation & unwanted redness of spots. The handy 8ml bottle is ideal for on-the-go, enabling you to treat spots throughout the day to keep them at bay. It’s infused with 15% tea tree leaf oil (all green grade 1~2), which is a higher percentage that other tea tree rollers I’ve used in the past. I had a spot appear on my jawline a few days ago, and it just wouldn’t budge… Until I used this roller 2~3 times; twice in the afternoon & one last time during late evening. The product certainly reduced the size of the spot much better than relying on just keeping it moisturised for skin’s healing process. As it’s fine for all skin types, I encourage anyone to use it!

Key Ingredients – tea tree extracts, soybean oil, lavender, Almond oil, rosemary & peppermint oil.

Tea tree clear toner

The main purposes of this toner is to calm skin as well as control sebum production.

What I like about it: The 100ml bottle has a good pump dispenser that doesn’t spurt out an cause product wastage. Furthermore it’s not too liquidy, meaning it’s simple to apply with your hands if you prefer not to use disposable cotton pads. The scent is fresh; & a true likeness to tree tea meaning its not artificial. Since using it for 2~3 days, twice per day, my skin has been less shiny as the toner has reduced how quickly and how much sebum my t-zone produces. I’d recommend this product for sensitive combination~oily skin types, but it’s not hydrating enough for dry~very dry skin.

Key ingredients – tea tree extract, Centella Asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid, aspartic & glutamic acids (amino acids), lotus flower.

Tea tree clear lotion

The lotion should be applied as the third step, if you are using the whole range.

Its the type of lotion similar to what they call ‘essence’ within the kbeauty industry: its thin enough to layer other skincare on top of it without disturbance. The only downside to the product is the potent herbal scent; its not consistent with the scents of the other products in collection which smell entirely a like tea tree. The off-putting aroma aside, I’ll happily continue to use this product as it is contributing to achieving more supple skin and a clear completion.

Key ingredients – these are more or less identical to the matching toner (above).

Clear mega tea tree cream

It’s rare that I come across a moisturiser that I actually love, but the ‘Naturekind Clear Mega Tea Tree Cream’ is lightweight, non-greasy, fast absorbing and aims to keep your skin clear of blemishes!

What I like most about this cream is the texture: it’s not exactly a gel-cream hybrid nor is it thick like a standard cream moisturiser, moreso somewhere between the two. It feels bouncy and wobbles; almost resembling jelly or blancmange.

Packaging description: All day lasting moisture formula, blemish control hydration cream, contains Allantoin & panthenol in addition to tea tree & tree tea leaf extracts, is suitable for normal to sensitive skin types, includes 500g of product, all green grade ingredients 1~2. I will genuinely be using this everyday from now on as it beats my current daytime moisturiser that feels uncomfortably tacky. A little goes a long way, so if you purchase this cream, see it as an investment for your skin rather than just a luxury.

Key ingredients – Betaine, Purslane (a succulent containing omega-3), centella asiatica & Panthenol.


You can find Naturekind products via https://naturekind.co.kr/. Hopefully they will have a global site soon, but for the time being you can find them stocked at YesStyle & Gmarket.

To find other leading kbeauty brands, take a look at Wishtrend.

Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were gifted to me in return for an honest review.


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